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Tokyo Arcade 2012



Tokyo-Go-Go presents a pop-up exhibition featuring a collection of his video game inspired art, stickers and toys. Ultimately… a bunch a bright, fun character driven work. The concept behind Tokyo Arcade 2012 is to round off the year with a bang and offer, for a short period of time, a multitude of ready-to-hang artwork at affordable prices that would add an element of fun to any space, or perhaps make for a pretty awesome, unique gift. The show is only up for 5 days and collection will take place thereafter.

Venue – Mooki Noodle Bar
190 Brand Road Glenwood Durban

Opens – 18h00 – 22h00

Cash Bar and Dining


Mooki News

I know we haven’t had any Line Fish for a while, but with all the rain, the pickings have been a bit slim. However I am Super Happy to tell you that we just got some Geelbek in from our mate Garret. If you are one of my regulars who have been phoning about Linefish, then get yourself down here ASAP as it won’t last long (that’s a promise). As usual we are dusting it with our Fish Spice Flour,Pan frying it with a touch of Garlic Butter and serving it on a bed of warm Mai Fun Noodle Salad, topped with our HomeMade Wasabi Mayo (R75.00).
Brand new at Mooki is our selection of Ice Creams and other delicious Nom Noms. At the moment we have Cappuccino cups (delicious little Cappuccino flavour Ice cream Desserts), Choc Nut Sundae Cups, Mini Chocolate Kisses on a stick, Ice Cream (Vanilla, Caramel and Chocolate), Frozen yoghurt (Strawberry and Granadilla), Milkshakes and Frozen yoghurt Shakes.  When you order your next Take Away, you can now get dessert too.
In true Mooki fashion (excuse the pun), we are partnering up with the Awesomely talented Greg Darrol from Tokyo Go-Go (the guy who designed our menu!) and are gonna be introducing our very first range of Key rings, Caps and T Shirts which will be available for purchase in-store @ Mooki. Watch this space……..
Lastly, just a reminder about our Monday Prawn Special (Half a Kilo with Fried Rice or Noodles and a choice of sauce) @ R 65.00 and also our Tuesday Rib Special (Half a Kilo in a Sweet and Sticky Vietnamese Glaze with Sweet Potato chips) @        R 69.00.
Shot China, Love you long time…
Illustration courtesy Tokyo-Go-Go

Laser Cut Sushi

Japan-based ad agency I&S BBDO puts a new spin on a centuries old Japanese delicacy. In an effort to reignite the seaweed-eating community for their client, the series of laser-cut seaweed known as Design NORI offers a stylized meal to entice consumers. By taking traditional seaweed and cutting intricate patterns into them, each sushi roll created with the edible square is turned into a work of art.

The idea for this inventive food design stemmed from the decline in business for Hiroyuki Umino, who owns a seaweed wholesale and retail store in Ibaraki Prefecture called Umino Seaweed Shop, since the destructive tsunami hit Japan in 2011. Each design scheme is cut into the nori (the Japanese word for the seaweed paper most commonly used for sushi), which needs to be thick because Umino says that thin seaweed is too weak to handle the meticulous incisions. Each design is a separate symbolic representation of positivity—good fortune, happiness, longevity, etc.

Although Design NORI is not yet available for mass distribution or online sale, it is currently on display as part of the KATAGAMI Style – Paper Stencils and Japonisme exhibition atMitsubishi Ichigokan Museum in Tokyo until May 27, 2012.

Mooki Goes Mobile! On 2 Wheels! Plus New Specials!

That’s right, folks, we have our scooter, our driver (his name’s Sahara – like the desert) and our Mooki-style Home-Made Delivery box. In short, we’re all set to start delivering from Monday the 12th March between 11:30. and 18:00  (maybe 19:00 on Fridays).
Because we only have one scooter and there are so many of you guys out there, we will innitially be delivering in a TWO BLOCK RADIUS. That is to say, we will be delivering between the following roads;
Unfortunately at present we don’t have the resources to go further without it taking just forever for you to get your food.! There will be no delivery charge in our catchment area and we will only be delivering for orders over R 100.00. Seeing as we are not charging for deliveries, we ask you to tip Sahara for his efforts as he is quite skinny and needs to eat more. Also, Please note that we will endeavour to get your food to you as swiftly as the Mooki Mobile can go, but we are new at this, so your patience would be appreciated.
In other news, we have our new menus (for those of you who haven’t been recently) and some new specials. The Menus were designed by Greg Darroll of Tokyo Go-Go and are awesome. Check out the links on our Menu page and Specials page.  Our Linefish was delivered fresh from the sea this very morning, so if you like Fresh Fish, you better get here soon coz it won’t last long.
Please note that we do reserve the right to change prices, and specials also do depend on availability

New Mooki Noodles Menu And Stunning Art Work By Tokyo Go-Go

Mooki commissioned Greg aka Tokyo Go-Go to create a new Menu for the Restaurant, the overall look needed to be clean, colorful, and fun.  An array of characters were scattered throughout the menu, each relating in some way to a meal, side or option our the surroundings available at Mooki.  The new venue with all its yummy treats can be seen here.

Greg Darroll is an Illustrator & Graphic Designer based in Durban, South Africa. He generally works with vector graphics, and clean, colourful, crazy illustrations that get people thinking, laughing or just immersed in detail.  He is  continually fascinated by anything and everything creative however characters, designer toys, 2D animation and T-shirt illustrations are just a few things that inspire him to create even more!   The name “Tokyo-Go-Go” is a bit of a cryptic one. Firstly it resembles his love for all things Japanese, as well as his initial urge to pursue a career as a designer. The first “Go” represents how far he has come since he  began his adventure. Drawing, thinking, creating, everyday. Developing immensely in the process. The second “Go” is all about what’s in store for him in the future. Which the Mooki Team see’s as very bright!

Bonsai Tree Houses


For nearly a decade since the late 1970s artist Takanori Aiba worked as a maze illustrator for Japanese fashion magazine POPYE. The following decade he worked as an architect and finally in 2003 decided to merge the two crafts—the design of physical space and the drawing of labyrinths—into these incredibly detailed tiny worlds. Using craft paper, plastic, plaster, acrylic resin, paint and other materials Aiba constructs sprawling miniature communities that wrap around bonsai trees, lighthouses, and amongst the cliffs of nearly vertical islands. I would love to visit every single one of these places, if only I was 6 feet shorter. See more of Aiba’s work here


Takanori Aiba was born in 1953 in Yokohama, Japan. He studied Japanese traditional textiles and dyed clothing at Tokyo Zokei University. He built his first career as a freelance maze illustrator from 1978. His maze works were serialized in “POPYE”, a Japanese fashion magazine for 10 years. He then founded his own company,”Graphics and Designing Inc.”, in 1981. He expanded the range of his career to become a concept maker and art director for architectural spaces. Since, 2003, he has put his mind to work creating three dimensional art works which combine his knowledge and experience of both maze illustration and architecture. On September, 2010, his solo exhibition, “Adventures of the Eyes” was held at Kakiden Gallery, Tokyo Japan.

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