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Skinny Laminx Opens Shop In Cape Town

New Skinny Laminx shop on Cape Town’s Bree Street.  In her shop, Heather Moore, carries the complete line of Skinny laMinx tea towels, cushions, table runners, tablecloths, table napkins and stationery as well as retail fabric sales from the studio. You can also order custom 50s-style sofas in Skinny laMinx fabrics along with vintage Danish furniture and accessories.



Aston Martin Office Furniture Collection


One of the world’s most respected luxury automotive brands’ unveiled its collection in style. The successful combination of their well-known industrial technologies like carbon fibre and kevlar with the traditional luxury materials like leather and cashmere resulted in distinct and unique furniture pieces revealing sleek and contemporary lines.


Digitalised Clothing

The Digitalized Collection constitutes Alba Prat’s fashion design studies final year project. According to the designer, the inspiration for her work was the 1982 film Tron, largely apparent in her futuristic design techniques. It consists of androgynous, straight silhouettes made from wool, leather, cotton and neoprene. Through different techniques Alba created cube patterns on the surface of some of the materials giving the designs a technical yet minimalist character.

Alba Prat is from Barcelona, Spain and is a recent fashion design graduate from the University of Berlin, Germany.


Nixon Murf Watch

No more fiddling with miniature turn dials.  The Nixon Men’s Murf Watch is designed with an extra large push button screw crown for extra style and convenience. High quality Japanese quartz arm movement ticks around the face which displays hour, minute, and LED light. The Murf’s large square face is half covered with stainless steel giving it a unique look that stands out.

Turning Gardening On Its Head

Defying gravity, this unique upside-down planter encourages abundant greenery at home and at work, without sacrificing floor space. The Sky Planter, with its innovative design, allows you to:

Save space

Look up in any home, office or other indoor environment and the least used space will inevitably be the ceiling. What better place to grow an indoor garden without interrupting your day-to-day living.

Conserve water

Potted plants commonly lose water through evaporation and drainage. The Boskke Sky Planter’s unique reservoir feeds water gradually to the plant’s roots. Because there is no excess water to drain away, they can be used indoors, without losing water to evaporation.

Purify your air

Plants emit oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide and noxious chemicals. This purifies the air around us and increases well being, concentration and rest.

Improve your health

Plants have been proven to positively affect people’s physical and mental health. In the workplace, plants increase alertness and productivity and alleviate stress while studies show that most people prefer plants in their home.

You can get one tomorrow from iKhaya at I Heart Market or on the Bosske Website

You can watch how it works here

Awesome Skater Furniture

Manuel Llorens, is an Architect and skater and his wife an interior designer, together they have come up with a brilliant concept called Skate-Home.  The couple have combined furniture with the the world of skateboarding.They design furniture using actual skateboards and turn them into couches, chairs, coat racks, lamps, mirrors, chests, stools, etc  If you want to get your hand on some really unique and great looking furniture you can buy direct from their site.

Here are some examples of skate related products they design and sell:


Benches and Chairs are available in multiple colours and configurations


Hangers and stools are also available in multiple colours and configurations

And if  your walls are a bit bare there are also skate mirrors and lighting in multiple colours

Skate shelves are available in a number of configurations and colours which can also be used for storing CD’s

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