Vintage Outfits For Laptops & iPads

These hand-picked vintage outfits have been custom tailored to fit your iPad, and lined with breathable, soft organic cotton to protect your precious magical gadget from the bumps and scratches of everyday life.  All Computerwear is machine-washable unless otherwise noted, and dryer-friendly.  So treat your magical portable device with the respect it deserves, and put it in a decent outfit. Available on from Computerwear at Etsy


Tunnel For iPad

A world renowned Japanese ‘underground photographer’, Hoichi Nishiyamaoriginally published his civil engineering photography book named ‘Tunnel’ in 2005. Now the collection of 56 images will be available in a special iPad edition app with 30 new, unpublished works added to the list. Each photograph will be accompanied by a detailed text written by Nishiyama and the editor of the book, Naoko Aono, with background and an insight into the underground world many people will never get to see.

Born in 1952 in Tokyo, Nishiyama graduated from Tokyo Zokei University’s design department in photography. After working at Hakuhodo and Tokyu agency, he turned to freelance projects. After working in commercial photography, he moved on to civil engineering photography in 1993 where his photographs of past legacies in civil engineering and civil engineering construction have been regularly printed in industry magazines. He also photographs calendars and completion photographs for major construction companies. He is also the chief of the “photographing civil engineering” office and has published photography books such as: Harbor Legacy (Japan Dredging and Reclamation Engineering Association) and Taushubetsu (Kodansha) in 2002, Civil Engineering by the Water (INAX publishing) in 2003 and SADO MINE (Niigata Daily Newspaper Company in 2011. He has held photography exhibitions every year since 1997. His work, Taushubetsu, was awarded the Publishing Culture Award 2003 by the Institution of Civil Engineers.  Via


Have You Had Your Pill?

There really is a pill for everything now. The Pill is an easily portable external speaker designed to work with the 6th Generation iPod Nano. The device includes track shuffle and volume control, though the touchscreen of the Nano isn’t obscured. The Pill measures 147 mm x 48 mm, so the whole rig should still be pocket-sized.  If you would like check out the technical specs and pre-order one of these amazing little devices go and take a look at their web site

Tiny Art Inside Tiny Things

An empty iPod shuffle case is used to make a diorama of the Four Horsemen.

An old Vaseline lid is a home for Hermes

A diorama in an old Hersheys Cocoa Tin.

Jim Doran says that the things he makes reflects his fascination with the sea, the macabre, the divine and the metaphysical. He makes dioramas, paper cut-outs and tiny pen & ink drawings. He extrudes his drawings in an attempt to give them life in our three dimensional world. He puts his ideas inside of other objects. All this from someone who is self taught. Great Stuff!

10 Super Cool Packaging Designs

Reebok Extra Grip

Gaku Abe Chocolate Boxes

Letter shaped boxes for each different vitamin supplement

Gorgeous Geisha, English Breakfast, Chai and French Earl Grey tea boxes

Hampi natural tableware is a range of natural design disposables, made out of fallen palm leaves

Top Paw Dog Food

Anti-theft lunch bags

Rellana Wool

Green Berry Tea

Aomori Apples.  Packaging for japanese apples. The packaging is made for two apples.