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Food 24 – Noodle Mania!

Ok Durban, get off your eisheholes, get your groove on and get down with your mates for some Noodle mania.  Mooki Noodle Bar in Brand Road is kewler than kewl.  I think that the food has digitally enhanced my world because everything seems to have a little more colour today; the only problem is that I can’t get those Ginger & Red Chilli Chicken Udon Noodles out of my mind.  I am in love!

If you read my blog you will know what a huge fan of Asian food I am and how I love to get into my own kitchen and fuse the foods of Thailand with China and Japan.  I hereby award Mooki “Hofu” which are kinda like Mooki Kudos to Paul, the owner and cook of Mooki Noodle Bar.  He has had the kahonies to play with food and lead his diners into a world where flavours flirt unabashedly with humour and funk! This is no ordinary Asian Food Restaurant …. Na-ah!  This is where Nintendo meets a Superhero.

The menu

Mooki Noodle’s menu is short, sweet and simple but every dish that came floating through in Pauls paws was a flavour fest and the portion sizes are very generous. TrickyRicky, my hubby would be more than happy with the size of the portions.  I like the flexibility that the menu offers.

It allows you to choose your fave noodle from Ramen, Mai Fun, Ho Fun or Udon Noodles, your desired protein from veg, chicken, pork or prawn and your sauce, from Pad Thai – a sweet Tamarind Sauce with Egg and crushed Peanuts (R45), Ginger & Red Chilli – a mushroom, ginger, garlic, chilli, Oyster and Soy sauce (R45) or Hoisin & Sweet Chilli – Plum sauce, Dark Soy, Sweet Chilli, garlic and Mushroom Sauce (R45) so there is plenty of choice to satisfy your need for Noodle Powa.

The Spring Rolls (R21 for 2) are fantastic – the pastry is wafer thin and crunches and snaps as you bite into it!  The freshly made Fish Cakes (R37) with a spicy Teriyaki sauce burst with flavour and the pot sticker style Dim Sum, which is made fresh daily, was served in a beautiful light, clear and cleanflavoured homemade chicken broth that makes your toes curl.

Rosy Jobfish

I woofed down my main dish of freshly caught Rosy Jobfish (of the Snapper family and off the SASSI green list) which is a wonderfully flavoursome, juicy firm beautiful white fish that was served on a Ho Fun Noodle salad with sweet chilli jam. (R65)  The Ginger & Red Chilli Chicken with Udon noodles was out of this world.  I can’t wait to go back for some more – can’t get that mushroom flavour out of my mind!

The full stop at the end of our meal should have a health warning attached to it … true’s Bob this dessert is addictive!  The Goji Berry Frozen Yoghurt served with a shot of Chilli Chocolate Sake rocked my world!  I want a bottle of that chilli chocolate Sake.

The vibe

The Mooki Noodle Bar is situated in Brand Road in Glenwood.  This area is starting to blossom and I can’t wait until it’s bursting with little gems like Mooki.  Restaurants that have heart and soul and a chef that’s in love with cooking and is still being creative in his kitchen.  I could easily have been seated in a little Thai street café – the décor is funky and colourful yet minimal and the kitchen is literally all of 8,75m square.  With packed tables full of Noodle Powered happy smiley people, the vibe is great and the food is so reasonably priced it’s affordable to all and so is the take away menu.

Who is Mooki?

So who is this Mooki dude you ask?  Mooki is Nintendo character that spent 10 years in silence his bedroom locked away from society, when he finally found his voice he left a pot of his awesome Noodles with a note for his parents telling them that he had left home to explore the world, and especially Africa as it seemed so far away, and that he would pay his way by singing and cooking for people, because if his family enjoyed his talents so much he would have plenty of “Hofu” or appreciation from those who lived in faraway places.

Mooki, sure as Hofu, found his way to Africa! Thank Heavens!

Janice Tripepi was hosted for the evening by Mooki Noodle Bar

Review courtesy of Food24


Happy Birthday Madam Wong

Howzit Chinas,
Today is a very special day for all of us at Mooki. Today is the day that the all powerful creator (if you subscribe to that view) chose to reward this little cosmic speck of a planet with the  altogether awesome presence of our source of inspiration, the Yin to our Yang, the Sweet to our Sour; your friend and my FANTASTIC wife, the one and only Charisse (AKA Madam Wong). If you have not yet met her, then you have my deepest sympathies. Your life may seem complete at the moment, but it simply is not.
Before I met Charisse I was a lost soul. I didn’t know it at the time, but Charisse assures me that this is the case, and who am I to argue. Without Charisse I would be like a doughnut without any jam, a BLT with no B. In the words of Blackadder, life without Charisse would be like a broken pencil………..pointless.
Please join me in wishing my darling wife a VERY HAPPY AND SUPER-DUPER BIRTHDAY!!!! Today she has turned a year older, but not an iota wiser. That would be impossible, there simply isn’t any wise left, she has it all. Don’t even get me started on charm and personality, WE WOULD BE HERE ALL DAY LISTING HER VIRTUES. Did I mention how awesome she is?
Your Doting servant,
Paul (AKA Mr Roboto)

Spot The Real Paul

Can you spot the “Real Paul?”, and can you name all the “other” Paul’s?

A Post from the Friendly Robot

Howzit Chinas,
The last three weeks have been frikkin’ awesome for us @ Mooki, and the response from our fellow Glenwoodians (Glenwoodites?) and new BBF’s has been overwhelming to say the least. Big love to everyone who has supported us and been so positive about what we are doing here. Durban’s blogging community has been very kind to us and spread the word like peanut butter on toast.
We have settled into our routine now, and just to clarify for those of you who are not sure yet, our official hours at the moment are from 11am to 9pm from Monday to Saturday. We are closed on Sundays as it is apparently still illegal to work people to death. I checked, and it is……in case you were wondering. A few people have asked why we close at 9, and the simple answer is that we have neighbours upstairs from us and we want them to love us, so we don’t  want to keep them up past thier beddy-bye time. nobody likes a grumpy pants neighbour.
We will, however, be closed this Tuesday for Women’s Day. I quite like women, in fact my wife is one, so Charisse and I decided to give my almost exclusively Girlie staff the day off. To further celebrate the day, we will be handing out free shots of chocolate-chilli-sake to all ladies dining with us on Monday night. Hell, in keeping with the spirit of things South East Asian, we will give you one (shooter, that is…) if you are a guy and just look a little bit soft or have Moobs or if you are secretly wearing your girlfriends underwear. We won’t even require you to prove it. That’s just how we roll.
There are a few new specials on the go, so have a look at our specials page regularly to keep up to date. The most notable is the Frozen Goji Berry and Lemon Yoghurt with the aforementioned Chocolate-Chilli-Sake shot. Goji Berries are supposed to be better for you than religion and yoga combined and have a zillion antioxidants in them. Yoghurt is good for your tummy. Chocolate and Chiili both pump your body full of endorphins (not to be confused with dolphins) and make you feel happy about life in general. The sake is just there to loosen your Goose a little. Honk Honk.
We will be launching the “Konichiwa Klan” soon, so get ready. Basically we are going to ask you guys to submit your funniest Haiku (Japanese style of poetry, look it up) on the blog, and then get everyone else to vote on which is their favourite each month. The winner will get a yet-to-be-determined prize which will probably be awesome as well as an official “Konichiwa Klan” T shirt designed by our very own friendly neighbourhood Ewok. We are still working on the logistics of this, so we will get back to you when we figure it out.
If you haven’t been to Mooki yet, then you really should do it soon.
Love you long time,
Domo Oregato,
Mr Roboto.
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