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Vintage Outfits For Laptops & iPads

These hand-picked vintage outfits have been custom tailored to fit your iPad, and lined with breathable, soft organic cotton to protect your precious magical gadget from the bumps and scratches of everyday life.  All Computerwear is machine-washable unless otherwise noted, and dryer-friendly.  So treat your magical portable device with the respect it deserves, and put it in a decent outfit. Available on from Computerwear at Etsy


Digitalised Clothing

The Digitalized Collection constitutes Alba Prat’s fashion design studies final year project. According to the designer, the inspiration for her work was the 1982 film Tron, largely apparent in her futuristic design techniques. It consists of androgynous, straight silhouettes made from wool, leather, cotton and neoprene. Through different techniques Alba created cube patterns on the surface of some of the materials giving the designs a technical yet minimalist character.

Alba Prat is from Barcelona, Spain and is a recent fashion design graduate from the University of Berlin, Germany.


What The Afterlife Holds For Your Washing Machine Drum!

Laundry appliances are pricey to replace, but before you begin mourning the loss of your machine, check out the Rewashlamp to see what the afterlife holds for your clothes-cleaning machine.  The  recycled lamps are a project of a Portuguese designer Tó Martins, that finds a funky use for the inner barrels of conked-out washing machines. The base of the polished pieces are made from a tripod, allowing the user to adjust the lamp to the desired height, and it is topped off with a snazzy shade that wraps around the old stainless steel drum. The unique bulb-covers are decorated with a variety of embellishments, from ping-pong balls and measuring tape to AstroTurf and wine corks, but still manage to look like fashionable furnishings.

Topless Shoes Concept

An interesting concept from designers Zhao Xiaoliang, Han Like, Liu Peng, Meng Qingbao, Ren Mingjun, Yang Xiao, Chen Xuan, Lin Lin.  As the name suggests Topless Shoes have no upper constrictions or bindings. It’s like sinking your foot into a warm cushy hole and expecting it to ‘walk’ with you at every step. The elastic layer called ‘muscle’ parts under the foot and encloses it in a firm yet comfortable grip. Not sure about the practicality, but it’s certainly a great new way of thinking about footwear.

Zhao Xiaoliang, Han Like, Liu Peng, Meng Qingbao, Ren Mingjun, Yang Xiao, Chen Xuan, Lin Lin

Norse Projects Hektor Rug Caps

Norse Projects continues to present great exclusive versions of its 5-panel Hektor cap. After the Fake Suede, Two-Tone Wool and Floral Hawaiian caps, they now present the Hektor Rug Caps.  Made from old Japanese rug fabric swatches, these 5 panel caps come with a cotton outer mixed with a fake suede brim and black inner. Overall there are 5 different styles available now from Norse Projects.

Funky Kid’s Room Shelf

Pin Pres is a kid’s room shelf that makes the act of sorting up the room a playful experience where the shelf adopts its form to the toys, books and other things that are being stored.  Its the only shelf that will make your kid actually want to clean up and declutter the room!

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