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It’s Here! We Are Officially Launching Our Haiku Contest!

A while ago I contacted a few like-minded business owners in our neck of the woods and formed THE KONICHIWA KOLLECTIVE. Basically we are a group of people who think that the good people of Durban deserve more fun and interaction as well as a chance to exercise thier super creative minds, while at the same time competing to win some awesome prizes.
To this end, we have launched our very first innitiative. Visit The Haiku Contest FaceBook page for details about prizes (worth over R 7000 in total), how to enter and what exactly it is that we want you to do. Go to www.facebook.com/thehaikucontest to check it out and enter. You can also follow us on Twitter (@thehaikucontest) to keep abreast of things.
Also, don’t forget our Monday night Prawn Special: Half a kilo of tiger Prawns with Panang Sauce of Yakitori sauce and either Egg Fried Noodles or Taiwanese fried Rice for only R65, and our Tuesday night special: Half a Kilo of Pork loin ribs in a Sweet Vietnamese glaze with Sweet potato chips for only R69.

Not A Dull Lunch Box In Sight

Dabba means lunchbox in Hindi and is inspired by the Dabbawallas of Mumbai. This ingenious design aims at making you choose healthy food options and pack a balanced meal for work. Each box displays a food icon and is sized to keep portions in check. I love the combination of bamboo and silicon used, and if things go well soon the Dabba will be available at a store near you.

Dabba Features:

  • Series of stackable dishes with silicone bases act as both a seal and a cool touch bottom for reheating
  • Sustainable bamboo lid and a reusable felt placemat with integrated utensil storage
  • Unique elastomeric handle keeps the stacked dishes secure during transport by stretching over the integrated dish “buttons”
  • Felt placemat enhances the overall dining experience by elevating the food presentation and act as an insulator
  • Food items can easily be transferred to the bamboo lid, which can double as a dish
  • Dabba suggests proper portions by the varied sizes of the dishes themselves and the graphic icons printed on them


Get Drunk And Creative!

Re-Wine by Taiwanese design company Miniwiz is a clever design that transforms from a reusable, biodegradable carrying case for your wine into a lamp shade that uses the empty bottle as the base. If you’re not looking for a new lamp, the case also has interlocking joints that allow it to be connected to other units to form a custom seat, table or shelf. The more wine you drink, the more modules you have for building lamps or other furniture!

Compleat Cup – An Innovative Disposable Coffee Cup

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could eliminate plastic waste from the equation by leaving off the lid?  Numerous initiatives are going on out there to make the ubiquitous coffee cup greener and whilst we all get our heads round the habit of a reusable cup, here’s neat solution called Compleat Cup from an architect in the US who developed this idea in his spare time.

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Great Packaging Design


Prague – Canned Air

Gluten Free Frozen Pizza

Asian Take Out Boxes

Instant Popcorn

Rare Honey

Universal Wrapping Paper

Christmas Tea

Packaging 2.0?

Tequila Gun Packaging

Nike Stadium Shoe Box

Pork Sausages


Kitchen Washup Sponge

Winter Soups

Banana Juice

Wine Packaging

Mini Cooper by Krink – Not really packaging but very cool!

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