Wing Armchair


Redo Design Studio recent design, the ‘WING Armchair,’ incorporates bright bold colors into a plushy, flower-like design for an unmistakably funky but nonetheless elegant look. When it comes to furniture and interior design, there is a fine line between funky and tacky, but the skilled professionals at Redo Design Studio have no problem with such subtleties. furniture like the WING Armchair can’t be plopped just anywhere.




Need To Show Some Field Candy?

FieldCandy is an exciting design-led brand of tents. They have injected colour, creativity and fun into the camping space by offering a range of totally unexpected designs.  The average tent isn’t fun, they all look the same, a tent should say something about who’s inside it, tents should be fun, exciting, iconic, individual and simply unmissable.  The flysheets are printed by a leading hi-definition printer, using fabric manufactured in the UK. The printed fabric is then machined to exacting specifications. The aluminum tent poles and pegs are manufactured using an innovative acid-free process that is much less environmentally damaging than conventional methods. The zips and other fixings and fittings are made by the world’s leading zip supplier.

For more details, loads more designs, and to buy online visit FieldCandy

Charities supported by FieldCandy include: The Prince’s Trust, Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience, Movember and The Stillbirth Foundation.

Digitalised Clothing

The Digitalized Collection constitutes Alba Prat’s fashion design studies final year project. According to the designer, the inspiration for her work was the 1982 film Tron, largely apparent in her futuristic design techniques. It consists of androgynous, straight silhouettes made from wool, leather, cotton and neoprene. Through different techniques Alba created cube patterns on the surface of some of the materials giving the designs a technical yet minimalist character.

Alba Prat is from Barcelona, Spain and is a recent fashion design graduate from the University of Berlin, Germany.


3D Printed Rapid Form Shoe

Award winning London-based footwear designer Chau Har Lee will be showing her 3D printed RapidForm Shoe at the Aram Gallery’s upcoming Send to Print / Print to Send show.  Chau Har Lee has been designing and hand making shoes for more than a decade. Says she, “My designs span conceptual showpieces to elegant and original yet accessible footwear. I often employ a crossover of making and manufacturing processes from fields other than shoemaking in order to realise my concepts.”  “This gives me much scope for creativity in the design stage by removing boundaries associated with traditional methods. However, my knowledge of traditional shoemaking helps me know how and where I can break these boundaries. Importantly, although my most conceptual designs are showpieces, they are still built to adorn the foot.”

Here are a few more of her creative ideas!

Having studied at Camberwell, the Royal College of Art, and Cordwainers College, England,  Chau Har Lee has had an impressive design profile behind her, winning the Manolo Blahnik and ITS awards amongst others. A born creative, she is dedicated to using new and innovative materials whilst attempting to balance commercial viability and recognition for creativity as a designer.

Wonderfully Snug & Comfy Cradle Chair!


According to Richard Clarkson, who appears to be one of the designers “We have called our rocking chair “cradle” as is epitomises what the chair is all about. It is about creating a safe, comfortable and relaxing enviroment in which the user can dissipate the overstimulation of their senses. The design was heavily directed by a synthesis of research into Autisim and children with Rythmic Movement Disorder (RMD) as well as saftey, sustainability, function and aesthetics. The chair adheares to the concept “if you design for the extremes and the middle will sort itself out,”  while we had a stong focus creating a solution for sufferers of RMD the chair is not exclusively for them and will bring relaxation, comfort and calmness to homes with this desirable chair.

The chair references Ikea funiture ideaology and is designed to be a flatpack; minimising packaging and transportation waste. Cradle is manufactured from reusable and environmentally friendly raw materials including the glue used to form the intial plywood layers.

The ‘Cradle’ rocking chair is more than just a solution to a problem, it is literally a home within a home.”

You can see more on their tumblr


Send Us Your Awesome Ideas

To all great human beings out there, if you have an awesome idea or you have seen something “like really wow” on the web, or where you live, we would totally love to hear from you so that we can share and spread the awesomeness around.  We are inspired by great design, food, architecture, gardening, art, books, furniture, animation, technology, culture, and fashion to name but a few.  Quirky stuff is also good too!  And if that is not enough, if you live on the east coast of Africa, in Durban that is, we would love to discuss exhibiting your awesome ideas at Mooki. Leave a comment on the site and we will get back to you asap.


Harmless Weapons

Kyle Bean is a Brighton based designer specialising in hand crafted models, set design and art direction. Since graduating in 2009, he has  worked across a variety of platforms including installations, window displays, editorial and advertising. “Soft Guerrilla is a series of weapons made from harmless materials for a feature article centred around the topic of ‘Guerilla Gardening’ and ‘Yarn Bombing’ which appeared in German DIY magazine CUT