Contact Us

We are located at 190 Brand Road, Glenwood, Durban, South Africa.

Kindly Contact us on Telephone: 031 811 91 99.

Operating hours:  11am – 9pm Monday to Saturday

We are closed on Sundays (Gotta have a day off!)

We also do take out.Call,place your order and collect!Directions can be found here.

You can also visit & like our Facebook Page (Mooki Noodle Power) ,On Instagram (mookinoodles) and also on Twitter (@Mookinoodles).



6 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Prasidh

    Hi Mooki!
    I recall something at the store about a loyalty card?

    How does one go about applying for one?

    Keep up the great work!!!

    • Mr Miyagi

      Hi there,

      All you need to do is register on the blog which we see you have already. When you pop in to the restaurant just give us your email address as verification and we will hand have over the loyalty card.

      Glad you like the blog and the food!

      See you soon

  2. RMisf

    Hi, want to have lunch but one we asked the waiter & chef what can be made gluten free – they didn’t know what we meant. Please let your staff know what’s in your menu! Thanks

  3. Sherwyn Chester Govender

    Hi Mooki Glenwood. It’s me. The guy who ordered the extra hot food and loved it. I spoke to you about my friend with regards to ducks. I forgot to leave the number with the waitress. Could I get an email address to send you he details?

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