Support The Endangered Wildlife Trust MyPlanet Rhino Fund


Many feel helpless as to what to do about the plight of our rhinos. However, MyPlanet have raised over a R1 million for the EWT Rhino Fund and the work they do to conserve rhinos.  We can all help by simply applying for a free MYPLANET CARD in aid of the EWT MYPLANET RHINO FUND.   The card won’t cost you a cent and each time you swipe the card at one of MyPlanet’s retail partners, like Woolworths, your transaction is recorded and a percentage is paid to the charity of your  choice. Click here to apply for a MyPlanet card and remember to select the EWT MyPlanet Fund.

It’s good to know that we can do something to save our rhinos




Oh So Plush – Plush Dolls

OhSoPlush is a collection of plush dolls produced by Durban, South Africa based creative, Lanel J.v Vuuren. Each member of this mad cast of soft plush characters is painstakingly produced from various materials, hand stitched & lovingly stuffed to create funny and endearing  little personalities. Each once-off character is a unique creation with it’s own style and  personality.  These are only a few of these zany characters, however don’t be disappointed you can see lots more at OhSoPlush, where you can order one, or even have your own commissioned.  The only word for them is Awesome!

Lanel Janse van Vuuren is a South African creative from Durban, South Africa.  For the past five years she has been lecturing Photography and Visual Communication at the Vega School Of Brand Communications. She holds a BTech in Fine Art and is currently working towards her Masters at the Durban University of Technology.  She has been involved with the photographic industry for nearly a decade, and her portfolio is comprised of work for fine art photographic exhibitions as well as commercial projects. Her specialties are Lecturing, Photography, and Character Design.

Samples From The Lab

Rob Foote is an Illustrator from Cape Town, South Africa, who lived and worked in Japan for a number of years working for publishers AEON, Benesse and Pearson Longman.  Besides being a full time illustrator, he is currently working on a graphic novel/illustrated journal which is currently traveling around the world on the Sketchbook tour.  These are his brilliant animal/fruit sketches.

Hope Project

“Broadcasts” exhibition at the KZNSA Gallery, Durban, South Africa.
4th – 24th October 2011.
Check out the event on facebook HERE!

An exhibition featuring interviews of people from Finland and South Africa which are then translated into a series of paintings and illustrations. Featuring Christian Mugnai, Senyol, Duane Smith, Pete Reynolds and Wesley van Eeden.
A selection of past interviews can be viewed here

Interpret Durban

 This is the 2nd annual Interpret Durban Event. The event was thought up as a means to showcase our beautiful city as well as her abundance of talent. It is in effect a celebration of just that, Durban Talent, with some phenomenal live music acts thrown in for good measure, and taking place in Durban’s breathtaking city hall.

The design competition has 3 Categories: Video, Tee Shirt Design and Photography.


Closing date for entries September 19th 2011.

For more info visit