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Historic Moments Recreated With Star Wars Figures



Hello Darth And Daft Kitty

Joseph Senior is a New Zealand based illustrator and art director. Senior has more in his reportoire (Batman, Teenage Mutantz Ninja Turtles and many more) and all designs are illustrations and are not painted model kits.


Victorian Era Star Wars Portraits


Greg, Artist, Illustrator and Technical Director at Pixar,  has been receiving plenty of attention, thanks to his Victorian Era themed Star Wars character portraits, and rightly so, these images easily fall into the impressive basket. Original and captivating, these make-overs are a fascinating take on George Lucas’ iconic sci-fi / fantasy creations, proving Star Wars is an ongoing source of creative inspiration. Featuring C-3PO, Boba Fett, Chewbacca and Darth Vader, this series isn’t from a Galaxy far, far away, rather it has been lifted from a place where the Buffalo roam and gentlemen bow in the company of Princess Leia.

You can buy these at Kult Studio and lots of other amazing stuff


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