Oh So Plush – Plush Dolls

OhSoPlush is a collection of plush dolls produced by Durban, South Africa based creative, Lanel J.v Vuuren. Each member of this mad cast of soft plush characters is painstakingly produced from various materials, hand stitched & lovingly stuffed to create funny and endearing  little personalities. Each once-off character is a unique creation with it’s own style and  personality.  These are only a few of these zany characters, however don’t be disappointed you can see lots more at OhSoPlush, where you can order one, or even have your own commissioned.  The only word for them is Awesome!

Lanel Janse van Vuuren is a South African creative from Durban, South Africa.  For the past five years she has been lecturing Photography and Visual Communication at the Vega School Of Brand Communications. She holds a BTech in Fine Art and is currently working towards her Masters at the Durban University of Technology.  She has been involved with the photographic industry for nearly a decade, and her portfolio is comprised of work for fine art photographic exhibitions as well as commercial projects. Her specialties are Lecturing, Photography, and Character Design.

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