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3 thoughts on “Feedback & Ideas

  1. Sensai anon

    It would be really cool if you guys could incorporate more japanese cuisine into the menu such as miso ramen, okonomiyaki, soba and even sushi would be a great catch 😉 . Since you are also quite a creative restaurant, why don’t you try and make the food appear cute and creative on the plate? This would probably bring some real mooki magic in.

  2. Kevin

    We had the misfortune to order a meal from your restaurant yesterday. My wife is still trying to recover from the sugar rush caused by her meal, a Thai Red Curry Mild. She was not even able to get much more than a mouthful in of the meal. In an attempt to reassure her that the food was “good”, I tasted it. Oh my goodness…a mistake! How much sugar goes into this recipe, the whole packet?

    So to be clear, I had the Sichuan Noodles. Pork. Not bad but also not great. Again there was alot of sweetness to the meal…perhaps in this case it was planned?? The best part of overall meal , for me at least,was the Dumpling Chicken starter. I enjoyed the tastes out of this but unfortunately for my wife who was completely nauseated by the “curry”, found this also to clash with her taste buds.

    The long and the short is that our attempt to play out an overall disaster of a year with a good meal, backfired. The meal like the year was an overall failure, parts showed promise but not enough to say in any way it was good.

    So roll on 2021…let’s hope that it gets better from this point on!!!

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