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It’s Here! We Are Officially Launching Our Haiku Contest!

A while ago I contacted a few like-minded business owners in our neck of the woods and formed THE KONICHIWA KOLLECTIVE. Basically we are a group of people who think that the good people of Durban deserve more fun and interaction as well as a chance to exercise thier super creative minds, while at the same time competing to win some awesome prizes.
To this end, we have launched our very first innitiative. Visit The Haiku Contest FaceBook page for details about prizes (worth over R 7000 in total), how to enter and what exactly it is that we want you to do. Go to www.facebook.com/thehaikucontest to check it out and enter. You can also follow us on Twitter (@thehaikucontest) to keep abreast of things.
Also, don’t forget our Monday night Prawn Special: Half a kilo of tiger Prawns with Panang Sauce of Yakitori sauce and either Egg Fried Noodles or Taiwanese fried Rice for only R65, and our Tuesday night special: Half a Kilo of Pork loin ribs in a Sweet Vietnamese glaze with Sweet potato chips for only R69.

Oh Sheet! (12 April 2012)

New Mooki Noodles Menu And Stunning Art Work By Tokyo Go-Go

Mooki commissioned Greg aka Tokyo Go-Go to create a new Menu for the Restaurant, the overall look needed to be clean, colorful, and fun.  An array of characters were scattered throughout the menu, each relating in some way to a meal, side or option our the surroundings available at Mooki.  The new venue with all its yummy treats can be seen here.

Greg Darroll is an Illustrator & Graphic Designer based in Durban, South Africa. He generally works with vector graphics, and clean, colourful, crazy illustrations that get people thinking, laughing or just immersed in detail.  He is  continually fascinated by anything and everything creative however characters, designer toys, 2D animation and T-shirt illustrations are just a few things that inspire him to create even more!   The name “Tokyo-Go-Go” is a bit of a cryptic one. Firstly it resembles his love for all things Japanese, as well as his initial urge to pursue a career as a designer. The first “Go” represents how far he has come since he  began his adventure. Drawing, thinking, creating, everyday. Developing immensely in the process. The second “Go” is all about what’s in store for him in the future. Which the Mooki Team see’s as very bright!

Oh So Plush – Plush Dolls

OhSoPlush is a collection of plush dolls produced by Durban, South Africa based creative, Lanel J.v Vuuren. Each member of this mad cast of soft plush characters is painstakingly produced from various materials, hand stitched & lovingly stuffed to create funny and endearing  little personalities. Each once-off character is a unique creation with it’s own style and  personality.  These are only a few of these zany characters, however don’t be disappointed you can see lots more at OhSoPlush, where you can order one, or even have your own commissioned.  The only word for them is Awesome!

Lanel Janse van Vuuren is a South African creative from Durban, South Africa.  For the past five years she has been lecturing Photography and Visual Communication at the Vega School Of Brand Communications. She holds a BTech in Fine Art and is currently working towards her Masters at the Durban University of Technology.  She has been involved with the photographic industry for nearly a decade, and her portfolio is comprised of work for fine art photographic exhibitions as well as commercial projects. Her specialties are Lecturing, Photography, and Character Design.

I Turned 40 This Saturday!

I turned 40 this Saturday. It’s not something I’m ashamed of. People turn 40 all the time; I asked every single person I know who’s older than me and they all confirmed it. Apparently it’s just one of those things you really MUST do. Having tried it, I can honestly say that I give it my seal of approval. I rather enjoyed it. In fact I may just do it again next year. I know that officially I am middle aged now, but I don’t feel any different yet, though I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before I start using phrases like “Sonny Jim” and  “Hip Replacement Surgery”.

If you feel a burning desire to bring me a present, I will be at Mooki all week. Don’t feel embarrassed if you spent too much, I won’t judge you.  On the topic of presents, we have decided that we are going to let our staff loose for a few days over Christmas. If you are planning on staying in Durban, then please remember that you were warned. Seriously. I’m warning you now, MY STAFF WILL BE LOOSE!!!!!! Myself and the darling wife have decided to flee town for a few days….did I say flee?….. what I meant to say was run screaming. We will be going very far away to an undisclosed destination. I can’t say where as one of our staff can read, and he will certainly alert the others. They’re used to running in packs. If you cherish your life, we suggest you get out of town from the 24th until the 27th. We will have the staff rounded up again and back at Mooki on the 28th.

Some of our staff will be leaving us earlyish in the New Year to go to Varsities and Colleges around the country. Presumably to learn to read and to get assimilated into civilised society. We are against this idea, but we have been paid a large sum of money by some men who came around in white coats. No we never SOLD  our staff. Think of this agreement more as a long-term exchange program. They have gone, and in exchange we have money. See, nothing sinister there! We will, however, need to replace them. Tables don’t serve themselves, you know.

In the New Year we plan to start DELIVERING our special brand of happiness in the Glenwood area. We will be purchasing a scooter and coming right to your house with Yummy Goodness. If you live between Berea Road, Ridge Road, Queen Mary and Umbilo, then you are in our catchment area and really need to put us on your speed dial. Our “Friends With Benefits” cards are also now freely available to anyone spending R 100.00 or more on Take Away meals. Every time you buy for one hundred bucks or more, you will get a stamp on your card, and ten stamps gets you a voucher for R 100.00 to redeem immediately or hang onto for that middle-of-the -month Mooki fix.

One more thing! If you are stumped and can’t think what to get that special person for Christmas, pop on in and get them a Mooki voucher. It really is the gift that shows you care. If I got one , I would know that you loved me lots and lots.



Buy Local This Christmas

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