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Groovy Victorinox Airstream Caravan


The Victorinox Special Edition Airstream trailer is a product of a new partnership between Victorinox Swiss Army and Airstream trailers. Production of the 19-foot trailer is limited to 125 units to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Victorinox Swiss Army. Each trailer embodies the shared qualities of the two iconic brands: precision, functionality, reliability and a classically elegant design. Like the legendary Swiss Army Knife, the details of the trailer are precise, clean and sure to last a lifetime. The solid surface countertops, cutting-edge cabinets and hardware and the luxurious custom bedding ensemble with embroidered wool blanket are all housed within the iconic Airstream aluminum shell. And to ensure consumers are fully equipped, a collection of Victorinox Swiss Army timepieces, kitchen cutlery, Swiss Army Knives and accessories are included to enhance any camping adventure.









A Ninja Watch

There’s a brand new cool and cute watch in town, and it goes by the name Ninja Time. This little beast has two “eyes” which show the hour and the minute, while the rest of the watch is dedicated to framing them in a way that looks assuredly ninja in style! The entire casing is made from molded plastic, the dials controlled by the ninja’s “ears” so you can set the time whenever you like.

If there’s a cuter watch in the world than this, please tell us about it – what could be more attractive than a set of ninjas running up your wrist? Have a peek at the color combinations as well – blue eyes for great justice!


Designer: Andy Kurovets

Trains At The Speed Of Light

These long exposure shots were taken of trains as they passed by in often calm, tranquil night settings, although the effect looks more like they punched the Warp Drive to 9 and headed for another Quadrant of the Galaxy.


Check out Aaron Durand, otherwise known as “everyday dude” on Tumblr Flickr or his website for more inspiration.

Norse Projects Hektor Rug Caps

Norse Projects continues to present great exclusive versions of its 5-panel Hektor cap. After the Fake Suede, Two-Tone Wool and Floral Hawaiian caps, they now present the Hektor Rug Caps.  Made from old Japanese rug fabric swatches, these 5 panel caps come with a cotton outer mixed with a fake suede brim and black inner. Overall there are 5 different styles available now from Norse Projects.

Folding Bicycle Inspired By The Odachi Sumurai Sword

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Inspired by the elegant form of the samurai sword by the same name, the Odachi Folding Bike by Nick Domanski can fold into itself and be worn on the user’s back much in the same way as the sword would be worn. Alternatively, it can also be pulled on the ground alongside the user. Made from bamboo fiberboard, the bike is both extremely strong and relatively lightweight.

Get Drunk And Creative!

Re-Wine by Taiwanese design company Miniwiz is a clever design that transforms from a reusable, biodegradable carrying case for your wine into a lamp shade that uses the empty bottle as the base. If you’re not looking for a new lamp, the case also has interlocking joints that allow it to be connected to other units to form a custom seat, table or shelf. The more wine you drink, the more modules you have for building lamps or other furniture!

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