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Art Versus Furniture

PostLiving is a UK based company set up around a passion for urban art and simple modern and affordable pieces of furniture and homeware. The founders of PostLiving have backgrounds in graphic, interior and product design. The end game is to work alongside artists creating an atmosphere of co-operation and collaboration.  Once you have selected the “PostLiving vs…” table option from their website each pack you receive from PostLiving will contain 3 limited edition pieces of art. Two pieces of wall art and one bespoke side table hand-made to your specifications. Eack piece is mounted onto 18mm MDF and sealed with a durable finish, the wall art has picture hangers and the table legs are laminated with white formica.

Their products are hand-made bespoke pieces based on limited editions so each order is tailored to your specific needs.

Worldwide delivery is included in the price and everything comes ready assembled.


These Are Not Photographs

Photorealistic painter Steve Mills sold his first painting at the age of 11 and has been known to sell entire shows in about ten minutes.  After seeing the work of Richard Estes at a show in Boston, Photorealism became his passion. Today his interests are somewhat varied though his main focus is on the extraordinarily-ordinary.

Recycled Tire Sculptures

Korean artist Yong Ho Ji uses old tires, steel, wood, and styrofoam to create these masterful scuptures.  His sculptures generally represent endangered and mythological species blended perfectly with a near human physical structure and features of animals known to us with the help of meticulously cut strips of tire representing flesh, muscles and curves of the bodies. You can see more of his work at his web site.

Yong Ho Ji is a Korean sculpture who was born in 1978. He did his BFA in sculptures from the Hongik University in Seoul and later moved to New York to complete his MFA in fine arts from New York University.

A Daily Dose Of Sublime

On his Tumblr he calls his illustrations “A paradoxical distillation of the word and the image as directed by the filters of randomness”

Juan Doe is an endangered painter. The last of a dying breed, he personifies pure art. With unheralded hand skills and hellacious wit, Juan Doe redefines the parameters of bizarre genius and secular thug. Born and raised in New York City, Juan Doe has been evolving the language of interdisciplinary art and design since the late 1970’s.  He is an artist who strains the boundary between painting, propaganda, polemics, and philosophical discourse in art. He encapsulated a new age aesthetic through his command of the graphic process but with the masterful execution of a painter. His images are non-negotiable, they cannot be interpreted or postponed; they exist now, for the oxygen of the viewers eyes.  His works stand as testament to this artist’s brash and unwavering attempts to demand attention through an acrylic vehicle of contradiction – a showcase of the beauty and horror in contemporary art. Doe will not allow the viewer to arrive in the future with out the past. His work characterizes a fusion of form, a behavior, dictating dignity and morality through a visual medium synonymous with contemporary culture

A reipient in 2007 of an individual grant in visual arts from the Bronx Council of the Arts, he is repersented in the Bronx Museum (New York).

Lives and works in New York
Born USA | 1973

Tiny Dioramas Using Topographies Of Carved Books


UK-based artist Kyle Kirkpatrick constructs these wonderful tiny dioramas using the topographies of carved books.


Kyle Kirkpatrick was born in 1989, Birkenhead, UK.  Lives and works in Bedfordshire/Norwich, UK.

He says “My practice is primarily concerned with the notion of the imagined landscape. I present man-made objects and natural materials simultaneously to form carefully and meticulously composed installation works. I capitalize on intrigue taking objects out of context reinventing their use, pushing the viewer to see beyond what I present before them, a glass could be interpreted as a lake or a metal bracket a cliff. The materiality of the objects that I place before the viewer and the dissemination of them is integral to the reading of the work. There is a strong dialogue between the materials and their placement within the space.

Underpinning my practice are a series of tensions, playing with the idea of the familiar vs. the unfamiliar, the upturned glass of water an example of this. Elements are supported, propped and pushed against each other in order to create these tensions. The very existence of the work as I present it is under jeopardy from the moment I place it in the space. There is a play off between the calm considered, structured composition and the tension caused by just the slightest interference from the viewer. The spectator looks on knowing that even their smallest intrusion on the work could cause a catastrophe, breaking or fracturing its existence.”


French Illustrator/Artist’s Photorealistic Paintings

Lassana S is a French Artist/Illustrator who mainly works with drawings, and paintings in a photorealistic style.  He says “When I draw or paint my paintings are realistic, it is both a battle of reproduction and a self-test. I’m like a kid, the desire to say that I too can do the same … or better. This is only a game sheet and I don’t impose constraints on myself except to be forced to respect the reality sometimes. I need to copy, copy, emulate, surpass… and in the end I produce something spectacular because only the imitation of reality as others have done, except that I bring my technique.  I’m interested in urban areas, graffiti, and  I often use raw materials: crayons, markers, paint, cutter, scotch tape…” (Translated from French text)


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