Mooki Goes Mobile! On 2 Wheels! Plus New Specials!

That’s right, folks, we have our scooter, our driver (his name’s Sahara – like the desert) and our Mooki-style Home-Made Delivery box. In short, we’re all set to start delivering from Monday the 12th March between 11:30. and 18:00  (maybe 19:00 on Fridays).
Because we only have one scooter and there are so many of you guys out there, we will innitially be delivering in a TWO BLOCK RADIUS. That is to say, we will be delivering between the following roads;
Unfortunately at present we don’t have the resources to go further without it taking just forever for you to get your food.! There will be no delivery charge in our catchment area and we will only be delivering for orders over R 100.00. Seeing as we are not charging for deliveries, we ask you to tip Sahara for his efforts as he is quite skinny and needs to eat more. Also, Please note that we will endeavour to get your food to you as swiftly as the Mooki Mobile can go, but we are new at this, so your patience would be appreciated.
In other news, we have our new menus (for those of you who haven’t been recently) and some new specials. The Menus were designed by Greg Darroll of Tokyo Go-Go and are awesome. Check out the links on our Menu page and Specials page.  Our Linefish was delivered fresh from the sea this very morning, so if you like Fresh Fish, you better get here soon coz it won’t last long.
Please note that we do reserve the right to change prices, and specials also do depend on availability

New Mooki Noodles Menu And Stunning Art Work By Tokyo Go-Go

Mooki commissioned Greg aka Tokyo Go-Go to create a new Menu for the Restaurant, the overall look needed to be clean, colorful, and fun.  An array of characters were scattered throughout the menu, each relating in some way to a meal, side or option our the surroundings available at Mooki.  The new venue with all its yummy treats can be seen here.

Greg Darroll is an Illustrator & Graphic Designer based in Durban, South Africa. He generally works with vector graphics, and clean, colourful, crazy illustrations that get people thinking, laughing or just immersed in detail.  He is  continually fascinated by anything and everything creative however characters, designer toys, 2D animation and T-shirt illustrations are just a few things that inspire him to create even more!   The name “Tokyo-Go-Go” is a bit of a cryptic one. Firstly it resembles his love for all things Japanese, as well as his initial urge to pursue a career as a designer. The first “Go” represents how far he has come since he  began his adventure. Drawing, thinking, creating, everyday. Developing immensely in the process. The second “Go” is all about what’s in store for him in the future. Which the Mooki Team see’s as very bright!

Exciting Mooki News And Competition!

There are some exciting things on the horizon for Mooki in the near future!
We are currently readying ourselves to become vendors at the Night Market and also at I Heart Market. We will hopefully be at the next Night Market which is on the 1st of March, and we are aiming to be at the April I Heart Market. We will be offering some of our Noodle dishes, Fried Rice dishes, Prawn Spring Rolls, Cumin Chicken Wraps, some other yummy stuff and hopefully (for the first time) we will be bottling our sauces so you can make your own yummy noodles at home. Awesomeness.
As some of you may know, we are trying to get a delivery service off the ground soon. This will initially be limited to a 2 block radius from Mooki and will be available until about 6 pm daily. We will not be charging for this service, but we will unfortunately have to limit the service to orders of R 100 and over. Unfortunately we simply cannot deliver one portion of Spring Rolls or one Mushroom and Paneer Salad. It simply would not be viable. Sorry. We will let you know when we are ready to launch this as we are still trying to figure out the logistics etc.
Eat Out magazine is currently running a competition @ the link below, so if you are keen to win a three course meal for two at Mooki, enter immediately. Send this link to all your Chinas so they can also have a chance to win too. Sharing is caring, people.

I Turned 40 This Saturday!

I turned 40 this Saturday. It’s not something I’m ashamed of. People turn 40 all the time; I asked every single person I know who’s older than me and they all confirmed it. Apparently it’s just one of those things you really MUST do. Having tried it, I can honestly say that I give it my seal of approval. I rather enjoyed it. In fact I may just do it again next year. I know that officially I am middle aged now, but I don’t feel any different yet, though I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before I start using phrases like “Sonny Jim” and  “Hip Replacement Surgery”.

If you feel a burning desire to bring me a present, I will be at Mooki all week. Don’t feel embarrassed if you spent too much, I won’t judge you.  On the topic of presents, we have decided that we are going to let our staff loose for a few days over Christmas. If you are planning on staying in Durban, then please remember that you were warned. Seriously. I’m warning you now, MY STAFF WILL BE LOOSE!!!!!! Myself and the darling wife have decided to flee town for a few days….did I say flee?….. what I meant to say was run screaming. We will be going very far away to an undisclosed destination. I can’t say where as one of our staff can read, and he will certainly alert the others. They’re used to running in packs. If you cherish your life, we suggest you get out of town from the 24th until the 27th. We will have the staff rounded up again and back at Mooki on the 28th.

Some of our staff will be leaving us earlyish in the New Year to go to Varsities and Colleges around the country. Presumably to learn to read and to get assimilated into civilised society. We are against this idea, but we have been paid a large sum of money by some men who came around in white coats. No we never SOLD  our staff. Think of this agreement more as a long-term exchange program. They have gone, and in exchange we have money. See, nothing sinister there! We will, however, need to replace them. Tables don’t serve themselves, you know.

In the New Year we plan to start DELIVERING our special brand of happiness in the Glenwood area. We will be purchasing a scooter and coming right to your house with Yummy Goodness. If you live between Berea Road, Ridge Road, Queen Mary and Umbilo, then you are in our catchment area and really need to put us on your speed dial. Our “Friends With Benefits” cards are also now freely available to anyone spending R 100.00 or more on Take Away meals. Every time you buy for one hundred bucks or more, you will get a stamp on your card, and ten stamps gets you a voucher for R 100.00 to redeem immediately or hang onto for that middle-of-the -month Mooki fix.

One more thing! If you are stumped and can’t think what to get that special person for Christmas, pop on in and get them a Mooki voucher. It really is the gift that shows you care. If I got one , I would know that you loved me lots and lots.



Food 24 – Noodle Mania!

Ok Durban, get off your eisheholes, get your groove on and get down with your mates for some Noodle mania.  Mooki Noodle Bar in Brand Road is kewler than kewl.  I think that the food has digitally enhanced my world because everything seems to have a little more colour today; the only problem is that I can’t get those Ginger & Red Chilli Chicken Udon Noodles out of my mind.  I am in love!

If you read my blog you will know what a huge fan of Asian food I am and how I love to get into my own kitchen and fuse the foods of Thailand with China and Japan.  I hereby award Mooki “Hofu” which are kinda like Mooki Kudos to Paul, the owner and cook of Mooki Noodle Bar.  He has had the kahonies to play with food and lead his diners into a world where flavours flirt unabashedly with humour and funk! This is no ordinary Asian Food Restaurant …. Na-ah!  This is where Nintendo meets a Superhero.

The menu

Mooki Noodle’s menu is short, sweet and simple but every dish that came floating through in Pauls paws was a flavour fest and the portion sizes are very generous. TrickyRicky, my hubby would be more than happy with the size of the portions.  I like the flexibility that the menu offers.

It allows you to choose your fave noodle from Ramen, Mai Fun, Ho Fun or Udon Noodles, your desired protein from veg, chicken, pork or prawn and your sauce, from Pad Thai – a sweet Tamarind Sauce with Egg and crushed Peanuts (R45), Ginger & Red Chilli – a mushroom, ginger, garlic, chilli, Oyster and Soy sauce (R45) or Hoisin & Sweet Chilli – Plum sauce, Dark Soy, Sweet Chilli, garlic and Mushroom Sauce (R45) so there is plenty of choice to satisfy your need for Noodle Powa.

The Spring Rolls (R21 for 2) are fantastic – the pastry is wafer thin and crunches and snaps as you bite into it!  The freshly made Fish Cakes (R37) with a spicy Teriyaki sauce burst with flavour and the pot sticker style Dim Sum, which is made fresh daily, was served in a beautiful light, clear and cleanflavoured homemade chicken broth that makes your toes curl.

Rosy Jobfish

I woofed down my main dish of freshly caught Rosy Jobfish (of the Snapper family and off the SASSI green list) which is a wonderfully flavoursome, juicy firm beautiful white fish that was served on a Ho Fun Noodle salad with sweet chilli jam. (R65)  The Ginger & Red Chilli Chicken with Udon noodles was out of this world.  I can’t wait to go back for some more – can’t get that mushroom flavour out of my mind!

The full stop at the end of our meal should have a health warning attached to it … true’s Bob this dessert is addictive!  The Goji Berry Frozen Yoghurt served with a shot of Chilli Chocolate Sake rocked my world!  I want a bottle of that chilli chocolate Sake.

The vibe

The Mooki Noodle Bar is situated in Brand Road in Glenwood.  This area is starting to blossom and I can’t wait until it’s bursting with little gems like Mooki.  Restaurants that have heart and soul and a chef that’s in love with cooking and is still being creative in his kitchen.  I could easily have been seated in a little Thai street café – the décor is funky and colourful yet minimal and the kitchen is literally all of 8,75m square.  With packed tables full of Noodle Powered happy smiley people, the vibe is great and the food is so reasonably priced it’s affordable to all and so is the take away menu.

Who is Mooki?

So who is this Mooki dude you ask?  Mooki is Nintendo character that spent 10 years in silence his bedroom locked away from society, when he finally found his voice he left a pot of his awesome Noodles with a note for his parents telling them that he had left home to explore the world, and especially Africa as it seemed so far away, and that he would pay his way by singing and cooking for people, because if his family enjoyed his talents so much he would have plenty of “Hofu” or appreciation from those who lived in faraway places.

Mooki, sure as Hofu, found his way to Africa! Thank Heavens!

Janice Tripepi was hosted for the evening by Mooki Noodle Bar

Review courtesy of Food24

Breaking News – Great Specials!

Anchovy Salad:

Delicate Anchovy fillets dusted in a mild Wasabi and Chilli Flour, coated with Panko Crumbs and  fried, served with a Mixed herb and Beetroot salad topped with a Sweet Papaya Salsa, Lime and Rice Wine Vinegar, Pickled Green Mango and onion sprouts.

R 42.00

Line Fish:

Awesomely FreshTropical Amberjack Fillets (of the Yellowtail Family and a firm, white meat; We got it delivered at 7 last night) dusted with Flour and Fish Spices and grilled on the flat top. Served on a bed of Warm Noodle Salad finished off with cherry tomatoes and topped with a Home Made Wasabi Mayonnaise.

R 75.00

Hoisin and Sweet Chilli Noodles:

Your choice of Noodles in a Rich Plum, Dark Soya and Sweet Chilli sauce with Oyster Mushrooms, Vietnamese Wood Ear Mushrooms and Mixed Peppers. Available with Chicken, Pork, Vegetables (R45.00) or Prawns (R60.00)

Thai Fried Rice:

Fried Jasmine Rice with Corriander, Basil, Light Fish Sauce and Soy Roasted Seed MIx (Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Sesame Seeds and Peanuts) available with vegetables, Chicken, Pork (R 45.00) or Prawns (R 60.00)