Mooki Goes Mobile! On 2 Wheels! Plus New Specials!

That’s right, folks, we have our scooter, our driver (his name’s Sahara – like the desert) and our Mooki-style Home-Made Delivery box. In short, we’re all set to start delivering from Monday the 12th March between 11:30. and 18:00  (maybe 19:00 on Fridays).
Because we only have one scooter and there are so many of you guys out there, we will innitially be delivering in a TWO BLOCK RADIUS. That is to say, we will be delivering between the following roads;
Unfortunately at present we don’t have the resources to go further without it taking just forever for you to get your food.! There will be no delivery charge in our catchment area and we will only be delivering for orders over R 100.00. Seeing as we are not charging for deliveries, we ask you to tip Sahara for his efforts as he is quite skinny and needs to eat more. Also, Please note that we will endeavour to get your food to you as swiftly as the Mooki Mobile can go, but we are new at this, so your patience would be appreciated.
In other news, we have our new menus (for those of you who haven’t been recently) and some new specials. The Menus were designed by Greg Darroll of Tokyo Go-Go and are awesome. Check out the links on our Menu page and Specials page.  Our Linefish was delivered fresh from the sea this very morning, so if you like Fresh Fish, you better get here soon coz it won’t last long.
Please note that we do reserve the right to change prices, and specials also do depend on availability

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