Breaking News – Great Specials!

Anchovy Salad:

Delicate Anchovy fillets dusted in a mild Wasabi and Chilli Flour, coated with Panko Crumbs and  fried, served with a Mixed herb and Beetroot salad topped with a Sweet Papaya Salsa, Lime and Rice Wine Vinegar, Pickled Green Mango and onion sprouts.

R 42.00

Line Fish:

Awesomely FreshTropical Amberjack Fillets (of the Yellowtail Family and a firm, white meat; We got it delivered at 7 last night) dusted with Flour and Fish Spices and grilled on the flat top. Served on a bed of Warm Noodle Salad finished off with cherry tomatoes and topped with a Home Made Wasabi Mayonnaise.

R 75.00

Hoisin and Sweet Chilli Noodles:

Your choice of Noodles in a Rich Plum, Dark Soya and Sweet Chilli sauce with Oyster Mushrooms, Vietnamese Wood Ear Mushrooms and Mixed Peppers. Available with Chicken, Pork, Vegetables (R45.00) or Prawns (R60.00)

Thai Fried Rice:

Fried Jasmine Rice with Corriander, Basil, Light Fish Sauce and Soy Roasted Seed MIx (Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Sesame Seeds and Peanuts) available with vegetables, Chicken, Pork (R 45.00) or Prawns (R 60.00)


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