Happy Birthday Madam Wong

Howzit Chinas,
Today is a very special day for all of us at Mooki. Today is the day that the all powerful creator (if you subscribe to that view) chose to reward this little cosmic speck of a planet with the  altogether awesome presence of our source of inspiration, the Yin to our Yang, the Sweet to our Sour; your friend and my FANTASTIC wife, the one and only Charisse (AKA Madam Wong). If you have not yet met her, then you have my deepest sympathies. Your life may seem complete at the moment, but it simply is not.
Before I met Charisse I was a lost soul. I didn’t know it at the time, but Charisse assures me that this is the case, and who am I to argue. Without Charisse I would be like a doughnut without any jam, a BLT with no B. In the words of Blackadder, life without Charisse would be like a broken pencil………..pointless.
Please join me in wishing my darling wife a VERY HAPPY AND SUPER-DUPER BIRTHDAY!!!! Today she has turned a year older, but not an iota wiser. That would be impossible, there simply isn’t any wise left, she has it all. Don’t even get me started on charm and personality, WE WOULD BE HERE ALL DAY LISTING HER VIRTUES. Did I mention how awesome she is?
Your Doting servant,
Paul (AKA Mr Roboto)

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One response to “Happy Birthday Madam Wong”

  1. charisse says :

    thank you mr roboto for such a fun-loving post! loved it and Love YOU too!!

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