Bonsai Tree Houses


For nearly a decade since the late 1970s artist Takanori Aiba worked as a maze illustrator for Japanese fashion magazine POPYE. The following decade he worked as an architect and finally in 2003 decided to merge the two crafts—the design of physical space and the drawing of labyrinths—into these incredibly detailed tiny worlds. Using craft paper, plastic, plaster, acrylic resin, paint and other materials Aiba constructs sprawling miniature communities that wrap around bonsai trees, lighthouses, and amongst the cliffs of nearly vertical islands. I would love to visit every single one of these places, if only I was 6 feet shorter. See more of Aiba’s work here


Takanori Aiba was born in 1953 in Yokohama, Japan. He studied Japanese traditional textiles and dyed clothing at Tokyo Zokei University. He built his first career as a freelance maze illustrator from 1978. His maze works were serialized in “POPYE”, a Japanese fashion magazine for 10 years. He then founded his own company,”Graphics and Designing Inc.”, in 1981. He expanded the range of his career to become a concept maker and art director for architectural spaces. Since, 2003, he has put his mind to work creating three dimensional art works which combine his knowledge and experience of both maze illustration and architecture. On September, 2010, his solo exhibition, “Adventures of the Eyes” was held at Kakiden Gallery, Tokyo Japan.


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4 responses to “Bonsai Tree Houses”

  1. Ergomotion Inc says :

    Thanks for posting this. These are great. I had no clue that people were doing this type of artwork.

  2. fidgetandsqueak says :

    These are absolutely gorgeous. If only they were life-sized so we could live in them!

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