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Food 24 – Noodle Mania!

Ok Durban, get off your eisheholes, get your groove on and get down with your mates for some Noodle mania.  Mooki Noodle Bar in Brand Road is kewler than kewl.  I think that the food has digitally enhanced my world because everything seems to have a little more colour today; the only problem is that I can’t get those Ginger & Red Chilli Chicken Udon Noodles out of my mind.  I am in love!

If you read my blog you will know what a huge fan of Asian food I am and how I love to get into my own kitchen and fuse the foods of Thailand with China and Japan.  I hereby award Mooki “Hofu” which are kinda like Mooki Kudos to Paul, the owner and cook of Mooki Noodle Bar.  He has had the kahonies to play with food and lead his diners into a world where flavours flirt unabashedly with humour and funk! This is no ordinary Asian Food Restaurant …. Na-ah!  This is where Nintendo meets a Superhero.

The menu

Mooki Noodle’s menu is short, sweet and simple but every dish that came floating through in Pauls paws was a flavour fest and the portion sizes are very generous. TrickyRicky, my hubby would be more than happy with the size of the portions.  I like the flexibility that the menu offers.

It allows you to choose your fave noodle from Ramen, Mai FunHo Fun or Udon Noodles, your desired protein from veg, chicken, pork or prawn and your sauce, from Pad Thai – a sweet Tamarind Sauce with Egg and crushed Peanuts (R45), Ginger & Red Chilli – a mushroom, ginger, garlic, chilli, Oyster and Soy sauce (R45) or Hoisin & Sweet Chilli – Plum sauce, Dark Soy, Sweet Chilli, garlic and Mushroom Sauce (R45) so there is plenty of choice to satisfy your need for Noodle Powa.

The Spring Rolls (R21 for 2) are fantastic – the pastry is wafer thin and crunches and snaps as you bite into it!  The freshly made Fish Cakes (R37) with a spicy Teriyaki sauce burst with flavour and the pot sticker style Dim Sum, which is made fresh daily, was served in a beautiful light, clear and cleanflavoured homemade chicken broth that makes your toes curl.

Rosy Jobfish

I woofed down my main dish of freshly caught Rosy Jobfish (of the Snapper family and off the SASSI green list) which is a wonderfully flavoursome, juicy firm beautiful white fish that was served on a Ho Fun Noodle salad with sweet chilli jam. (R65)  The Ginger & Red Chilli Chicken with Udon noodles was out of this world.  I can’t wait to go back for some more – can’t get that mushroom flavour out of my mind!

The full stop at the end of our meal should have a health warning attached to it … true’s Bob this dessert is addictive!  The Goji Berry Frozen Yoghurt served with a shot of Chilli Chocolate Sake rocked my world!  I want a bottle of that chilli chocolate Sake.

The vibe

The Mooki Noodle Bar is situated in Brand Road in Glenwood.  This area is starting to blossom and I can’t wait until it’s bursting with little gems like Mooki.  Restaurants that have heart and soul and a chef that’s in love with cooking and is still being creative in his kitchen.  I could easily have been seated in a little Thai street café – the décor is funky and colourful yet minimal and the kitchen is literally all of 8,75m square.  With packed tables full of Noodle Powered happy smiley people, the vibe is great and the food is so reasonably priced it’s affordable to all and so is the take away menu.

Who is Mooki?

So who is this Mooki dude you ask?  Mooki is Nintendo character that spent 10 years in silence his bedroom locked away from society, when he finally found his voice he left a pot of his awesome Noodles with a note for his parents telling them that he had left home to explore the world, and especially Africa as it seemed so far away, and that he would pay his way by singing and cooking for people, because if his family enjoyed his talents so much he would have plenty of “Hofu” or appreciation from those who lived in faraway places.

Mooki, sure as Hofu, found his way to Africa! Thank Heavens!

Janice Tripepi was hosted for the evening by Mooki Noodle Bar

19 October 2011

Janice Tripepi of Food 24

Mooki Powa!!! I can’t stop thinking about the Ginger & Red Chilli Chiken Udon Noodles! If you are need of some Asian Food with Funk get soem Mooki Powa .. Goji Berry Frozen Yoghurt with Chilli Chocolate Sake … LOVE YOU LONNNNNG TIME!!!!!! Jan Tripepi Food24 …. 15 October 2011


Ingrid Shelvin – Sunday Tribune Review

Yes, we apologise this is a little bit late in posting, a day short of a month actually!  Check out the review by Ingrid Shelvin, food writer for the Sunday Tribune.

Click on the link for a PDF Copy of the article

23 August/24 July 2011

Mooki Montage

Photographs courtesy of Simone & Gary

3 August 2011

Photographs Courtesy – Scrambled Notes

Oodles ‘n Oodles

“What better way to celebrate pay day than with dinner at Mooki noodle bar. The place is big news with the Durbs blog-o-sphere going mad for their refreshing menu +  style. In fact it’s so popular that I ran into two super stars of the ND blog scene – the lovely Nicola of AskAshe & the button guru herself, Nadia from Cupcake Couture. Hello ladies!

Ok, now for the food stuff. For starters Gary & I  both had the fish cakes – seriously the best fish cakes we’ve had anywhere in ages. The sesame shell was crunchy and all-sorts-of-yum and the fish was delicious, especially when dipped in the salty and spicy teriyaki sauce. For mains we went veg (well we’re pescatarians, it rules out chicken and pork) and I had the  pad thai and mai fun noodles (they’re really thin and have a great nutty flavour) while Gary noshed the spicier ginger and red chilli sauce served on fat japanese udon noodles.

If i hadn’t eaten myself silly I would’ve tried the dessert – banana tempura with pickled ginger syrup – sounds seriously yum! Next time banana, next time. So yes, if you haven’t read it a million times by now, go to Mooki. Just go. Now.

28 July 2011 – Scrambled Notes

Mooki Tweets

A selection of tweets from some satisfied customers.

27 July 2011

Thanks Eye Candy!!

“There’s a new noodle bar in town and let’s just say the food is face-meltingly amazing. Mooki Noodle Bar opened at 190 Brand Road opposite Corner Cafe on Monday and has been cranking every night since. I can’t emphasise enough how much I enjoyed my meal, other than to say I got a bit weepy, and must have congratulated the chefs at least four times…each. I ordered the pork with udon noodles and ginger red chilli sauce. It was perfect. Just salty enough and just hot enough and a decent size portion too. Meals range from R19-R45 for starters, R40-R50 for mains and there’s a banana tempura for dessert at R29. They’re open Monday to Saturday 11 till 9. Check out their site or call them on 031 811 9199.”

Courtesy Eye Candy

26 July 2011

We Love Cup Cake Couture!

“This week started off with a very delicious dinner at the new noodle bar in town – Mooki!  It is opposite Corner Cafe and worth a visit.  Daniel and I had a relaxed dinner with Aske Ashe our wonderful  neighbor!”

Courtesy Cup Cake Couture 

Late Night Noodle-Drive-Byes – Another Great Review!

It. Was. Hectic.

…the day Mooki Noodle Bar opened in Glenwood.

When I arrived for my regular early morning coffee at 6am at The Corner Cafe, I saw Judd Campbell was running across the street with Molotov cocktail he made from drenching his hand-picked coriander from the back, in eco-friendly jars of highly flammable vinegar. Look, I can’t endorse what he did, but you have to give it to the guy, even his war-tactics are carbon neutral.

“There’s only room for one of us on this corner!” I heard Judd screaming.

Despite all his fitness gains, uh, gained, from cycling, Judd still took longer than the average human being to run across the street; giving Mooki Noodle Bar owners, Paul and Charisse Boshoff, time to line their staff up into an aggressive defense across the rooftops of 198 Brand Road. Chop-sticks for arrows, and bows improvised out of some eels that were grabbed out of bucket of water labelled “To Be Used For Sushi”, Judd was eventually brought down just by the call-boxes on the sidewalk. As he used his last few ounces of energy, before slipping away and dying from, what doctors call Excessive Asian-Utensil Head Trauma, Judd raised one hand to the call-box and made his last phone call. All I heard was: “Jeannie??… Dammit, I meant to phone Kyle and ask for one last coffee“.

And so Mooki Noodle Bar lived to be open for business.

The irony is those chop-sticks that killed Judd were probably ec0-friendly. You know what they say, “live by the sword, die by the sword”. Judd and 2Pac: so similar, so BFF$4EVA.

The Real Deal

None of that is true; the obvious give away I was talking kak was right from the moment I implied being more than two meters away from my bed at 6am in the morning.

The truth is 197 and 198 Brand Road get on just fine, in fact I always used to see Juddy  running over to help (stand around and talk) while Mooki Noodle Bar was being built, and in all honesty the only thing the two places share in common is that they have both had a variation of gourmet fish cakes on their menus.

Mooki is another life-giving, breath of fresh air to the suburb. It’s the only classy asian cuisine vibe place I can think of in Glenwood. Here’s the kicker: open until 9pm biatches! And you can also get dop there (let’s be honest, drunk Asians probably make the best YouTube videos).

While remaining classy, Mooki is also unassuming. The furniture is of the clean-cut, minimalistic variety and the focus of the space is an epic chandelier made out of stylish popcorn boxes. It’s a brilliant place to grab an awesome and different bite to eat with a mate and then just stay and chat over a beer or two. I’m not sure why actually, but the space just seems to lend itself to a no-stress vibe.

I’d love to tell you what I had but my second language culinary vocab is limited to boereworskoeksistersand “jussie, maar hierdie tannie se vetkoek is kak, hoor!“. What I do know is it was amazing and I can’t wait to go back. If memory serves as it should, I think a mains dish is going to cost you in the region of R45-R50, which is to be expected.

They have a pretty cool blog too.. check it out at

Late night noodle-drive-bys, here I come.

Yours in cool places,

Courtesy Zero31 

20 July 2011

Restaurant Review 

“It’s not often that you find a place to eat where the owners’ passion and almost childlike excitement for what they are doing, sets the scene. Well, at Mooki Noodle Bar, I did.

What an absolutely delicious evening it was!

Having bumped into Paul Boshoff (co-owner with his wife Charisse) at Corner Café about 6 weeks ago and heard about their exciting new venture to be happening across the road, I was chomping at the bit for their doors to open.   I had hosted owners Paul and Charisse’s wedding, at Vanille, a few years ago and felt drawn to support their dream come true!

Being the closet restaurant stalker that I can be, I had driven past regularly to see if there were any signs of life inside and had even interrogated the poor guy, industriously sanding down the newly made tables, on the pavement.

My exact words to Paul had been, “Let me know when you open and I’ll pack the place out for the night.” And so I waited……..  On one of my inter-web sprawls I came across their blog and signed up instantly for the news-feeds….BTW the blog is great!!! Loads of really cool random Japanalia. (Asianalia) Now that they are open, the blog is full of pictures of the food and updates of the goings on.   Then I received the mail advertising their opening on the 13th  June, figured out how to fit a quick dinner into my already hectic schedule…. gathered the troops and arrived en mass.  Christy,  Esme and myself – super ready for another ‘Markewicz’ “foodie adventure”.

The simple finishes sung of street café, with an uber cool popcorn box chandelier shining brightly from the centre of the small space. As the self-proclaimed ‘noisy bunch’, we insisted on sitting outside which was great.  I felt as if I could easily be sitting on a street café in Tokyo.

Courtesy Lucy Markewicz who is the former owner of the popular Vanille Café & Patisserie in Kloof, and now runs all the specialised baking courses at Gecko Culinary Adventures.  She is a self confessed closet restaurant stalker!

18 July 2011


8 responses to “Reviews”

  1. Carmen says :

    Mookie’s Noodle bar really do make the most fresh and delish food ever! Cannot get enough of their food and crave it all the time and travel From Waterfall to Glenwood just to eat at Mookie’s noodle bar because its worth the long trip!! Their main on special which we had was the chicken sweet and sour noodles was so DEIVINE you would trade your life partner for more! The banana desert was a def treat at the end! The staff are fantastic and are always on the ball and its such a funky chilled out great vibe their!!

    • Site Admin says :

      Thanks for the great, great comments Carmen. A tiny “heads up” is that there are some great new yummy treats coming to the menu. Chicken Thai fried rice to name one. Hope you will be making your faithful trek down from Waterfall to see us soon. Mooki Team

      Sent from my iPad

    • Mr Miyagi says :

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks for the comment on our blog and for posting the great review on “Completely Cooked”

      Hope to see you soon, Mooki Team

      Sent from my iPad

  2. chat support says :

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  3. Faith says :

    My first visit to Moogi Noodle Bar and the food was awesome. Bangkok Style Chick and white rice and Hoisin sweet chilli ramen. Yum!!

  4. Willis says :

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    you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your web site
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