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Have A YumYum Day

Brighten up your day with YumYum London toy characters designed by the talented duo, Beth Algieri and Jonny Plummer, two designers, who have a common passion for creating new and exciting things like these newly released character designs (above) and the short movie “Parallel Parking” (down below). Made us look and smile.


Bringing Modern Marvels Into Your Home

Papafoxtrot is a small toy company dedicating to bringing hand-crafted wooded toys of modern marvels of infrastructure into your home.

Papa Foxtrot is a new venture into the toy world from Postlerferguson, a London-based design studio. They have crafted replicas of the three largest cargo ships in the world christened the Arctic Princess, the Emma Maersk and the TI Aisia. For added play value, the ships’ cargo can be removed to load and unload the ships. The toys should be hitting retail shelves soon or you can buy online at their site.

Oh So Plush – Plush Dolls

OhSoPlush is a collection of plush dolls produced by Durban, South Africa based creative, Lanel J.v Vuuren. Each member of this mad cast of soft plush characters is painstakingly produced from various materials, hand stitched & lovingly stuffed to create funny and endearing  little personalities. Each once-off character is a unique creation with it’s own style and  personality.  These are only a few of these zany characters, however don’t be disappointed you can see lots more at OhSoPlush, where you can order one, or even have your own commissioned.  The only word for them is Awesome!

Lanel Janse van Vuuren is a South African creative from Durban, South Africa.  For the past five years she has been lecturing Photography and Visual Communication at the Vega School Of Brand Communications. She holds a BTech in Fine Art and is currently working towards her Masters at the Durban University of Technology.  She has been involved with the photographic industry for nearly a decade, and her portfolio is comprised of work for fine art photographic exhibitions as well as commercial projects. Her specialties are Lecturing, Photography, and Character Design.

Hello Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty’s


Called “Hello Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty collection” this is an awesome Hello Kitty Ninja Turtles mashup created by Joseph (AKA Yodanz), an illustrator and art director from New Zealand. All of them are created in Photoshop.

Tegu Reinvents the Wheel


Tegu, an environmentally aware toy company, has released a brand new collection, Tegu Mobility. Tegu Mobility is a brand new line of magnetic wooden wheels and cars. Mobility offers beautifully crafted wheels that magically click onto any Tegu block creation, thus allowing your child to instantly create a mobile masterpiece. The line is fully modular and even integrates with the existing magnetic building system. Like all Tegu toys, the new Mobility collection is made with high-quality and safe materials, such as wood, magnets that are safely enclosed inside wood finished with water-based and non-toxic coatings.

Like all Tegu toys, the new mobility line is made at the Tegu production facility in Honduras. This facility helps support families, giving them steady work, helps to pay for children to attend schooling and facilitates the planting of trees to replenish Honduran forests. Every time you order a wonderful Tegu toy set, you are given an option of sending a child to school for a day or planting a tree to help replenish Honduran forests suffering from clear-cutting. Unlike other great, but we admit, fairly pricey Tegu sets, the new mobility set is much more affordable for families ranging at under $40 a pop. Also, in honor of the Mobility launch Tegu is holding a “How Do You Roll Sweepstakes,” in which Tegu will be randomly selecting one lucky child winner to guest design a Tegu vehicle for mass production in 2012. The selected child will work with the Tegu world-class design team to concept, brand and produce the new product – truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. New Tegu Mobility is available in limited supplies this Christmas.



Deathlehem Zombie Nativity Set

Deck your halls with something gory from the little town of Deathlehem this Christmas.

After three days in the grave, an unmarried zombie couple rose again and was visited by three undead wise men and a recently deceased shepherd. Gaspar was just impaled, Balthasar lost his head, and Melchior was burned to death in an unfortunate myrrh related accident. The shepherd’s head has been smashed in and his brain is exposed, much to the delight of his bloodthirsty sheep. Joseph is oblivious to his stab wounds as he watches Mary partake in the “body of Christ.” No need to wait for transubstantiation!

There are 6 figurines crafted from Sculpey clay that measure just under 2 inches tall, two tiny sheep, and an empty manger. They are lovingly hand made with no molds or tools (other than the occasional toothpick) and are not painted, save for the x’s for eyes. These little guys are cute as hell and will definitely get some smiles out of your holiday guests, (unless your holiday guests can’t take a little, lighthearted joke about the season, in which case, put them in a drawer until Mr/Mrs No-Fun leave your house… or get some new friends.)

You can buy a set to put under your Christmas Tree for $8 on Etsy

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