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Help Wanted At Mooki

We need a delivery guy.  The successful applicant will need a motor bike licence, we will supply the bike, petrol etc and a fun karate suit! Its an ideal job for a student on a gap year.  You will have to be available days and early evenings.

Applicants can call Paul

031 811 91 99


Howzit Chinas

Howzit Chinas,
It is with great sadness that I am announcing that we are going to say good bye to Kenko. That’s right, our faithful waitress has been lured to distant shores by recent events on the news depicting late night affirmative shopping in Sunny England. The prospect of all-you-can-grab electronics and consumer goods has got her chomping at the bit to be a part of the new face of today’s youth subculture. Who can blame her? She has a penchant for hoodies anyway and is a speed texter, so it was inevitable that she would take her talents to the next level. We support her decision and wish her well; we at Mooki will not stand in the way of our staff trying to better themselves and carve a new and exciting future for themselves.  Also, we never really liked her much anyway. Just Kidding. But seriously, she is a bit creepy. Love you Kenko.
Actually she’s only going for three weeks, so don’t worry. I probably shouldn’t have said that stuff about her being creepy, then…………
Anyhoo, we are looking for a new team member to fill in for three weeks and then go on to a brilliant carreer as a part-timer. If you are an aspiring Kenko-type-person or know a Kenko-type-person, then drop us a mail with a brief description of your special talents and your latest Mug Shot (Black and White or Colour, we don’t discriminate here) and rap sheet. You can even apply if you have absolutely no criminal past.
We have been working on the menu over the last two weeks and have a good few new specials you can check out in our “Specials” section, so go have a squizz and get your salivate on. Most notably at the moment is our Linefish which is “Pickhandle Barracuda” which is on absolutely no lists anywhere. It doesn’t even have a facebook page. It’s so “Green” it’s virtually a Leprechaun. Seriously it is Uber Fresh and is going to sell out FAST, so get your Ass down here pronto. We will be extending our menu slightly in the near future to include some of the specials we have been running, so we will keep you posted on that front.
Anne Stevens’ photographer was here last Friday to take some pics as she will apparently be coming in to crit us sometime soon. So for those of you who were inconvenienced by him hanging around trying to get some photos, please accept my humbest appologies. I am not convinced that I want to be reviewed by her to be completely honest, it is the opinion of you (our loyal and beloved friends) that matters to us, not a food critic who will in all probability never eat here again anyway.
My old waitering buddy, Juddy is soon to be a Pappy!! Congratulations Judd and Jeanie!! You can follow Judd’s letters to Jag (potential name for the future little one) on his Blog. Good on you guys, we’re very glad for you.
Shot Chinas, love you long time.
Dōmo arigatō,
Mr Roboto.

Spot The Real Paul

Can you spot the “Real Paul?”, and can you name all the “other” Paul’s?

Domo Oregato, Mr Roboto

Howzit Chinas,
The last three weeks have been frikkin’ awesome for us @ Mooki, and the response from our fellow Glenwoodians (Glenwoodites?) and new BBF’s has been overwhelming to say the least. Big love to everyone who has supported us and been so positive about what we are doing here. Durban’s blogging community has been very kind to us and spread the word like peanut butter on toast.
We have settled into our routine now, and just to clarify for those of you who are not sure yet, our official hours at the moment are from 11am to 9pm from Monday to Saturday. We are closed on Sundays as it is apparently still illegal to work people to death. I checked, and it is……in case you were wondering. A few people have asked why we close at 9, and the simple answer is that we have neighbours upstairs from us and we want them to love us, so we don’t  want to keep them up past thier beddy-bye time. nobody likes a grumpy pants neighbour.
We will, however, be closed this Tuesday for Women’s Day. I quite like women, in fact my wife is one, so Charisse and I decided to give my almost exclusively Girlie staff the day off. To further celebrate the day, we will be handing out free shots of chocolate-chilli-sake to all ladies dining with us on Monday night. Hell, in keeping with the spirit of things South East Asian, we will give you one (shooter, that is…) if you are a guy and just look a little bit soft or have Moobs or if you are secretly wearing your girlfriends underwear. We won’t even require you to prove it. That’s just how we roll.
There are a few new specials on the go, so have a look at our specials page regularly to keep up to date. The most notable is the Frozen Goji Berry and Lemon Yoghurt with the aforementioned Chocolate-Chilli-Sake shot. Goji Berries are supposed to be better for you than religion and yoga combined and have a zillion antioxidants in them. Yoghurt is good for your tummy. Chocolate and Chiili both pump your body full of endorphins (not to be confused with dolphins) and make you feel happy about life in general. The sake is just there to loosen your Goose a little. Honk Honk.
We will be launching the “Konichiwa Klan” soon, so get ready. Basically we are going to ask you guys to submit your funniest Haiku (Japanese style of poetry, look it up) on the blog, and then get everyone else to vote on which is their favourite each month. The winner will get a yet-to-be-determined prize which will probably be awesome as well as an official “Konichiwa Klan” T shirt designed by our very own friendly neighbourhood Ewok. We are still working on the logistics of this, so we will get back to you when we figure it out.
If you haven’t been to Mooki yet, then you really should do it soon.
Love you long time,
Domo Oregato,
Mr Roboto.

This Week 18-07-11

Wow, what a great start to the week!  A visit from Ingrid got the momentum going!

Fully booked for a Monday night.  A few hic ups here and there, silly Madam Wong gave away a table, don’t you just hate that, but she redeemed herself with some awesome red velvet cupcakes for the birthday boy Andrew.

It’s such fun there, the waitresses are SKWIRREL and YO-YO and chefs YOKO AND ON-NO are awesome.

The owners, THE BIG BOSS and MADAM WONG change their names every day! Bet you would be glad not to be there when MADAM WONG becomes LUCY LUI, watch out! Hee hee.

Thanks for all the support and we hope to see you all back soon.  Best to book on 031 811 91 99.

The Big Boss

Madam Wong


We are glad to humbly serve you all day, in the interests of making a profit, and because you come in so often we thought it would only be right to let you become a little more familiar with us, so the team decided to make it fun and let you guess who we are.  We all brought in some old family pics to make it a little more difficult.  Who knows if you get it right you could even get something free if you come in for a bite to eat.

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