Three Cool Campers!




The Opera is a mobile designer suite in a class of her own. Within minutes, she will show you her characteristic outlines, resting firmly on her legs in a level position. The teak veranda is an invitation for you to come on board, where you’ll be amazed by the luxury and detail. Such as the two electrically adjustable beds that can easily be transformed into one. Or the boiler supplying warm water to the kitchen, the fountain and the (exterior) shower. The hot air heating.

The ceramic toilet. The top loading refrigerator. The low-energy LED lighting from awning to floor. The Opera offers you the convenience of a complete holiday home.



The Gigwam is a brand new tent system for all types of festivals and outdoor events. Unique features of the Gigwam include a tunnel that can be used to connect to other Gigwams allowing groups of friends to create small communities.

BMW’s MINI has yet again shown the world a new way for people to spend their money and prolong the fun and frolic they share with their Clubman, Countryman or Cooper. The automaker has taken camping to the next level by developing a trendy piece of equipment designed specifically for camping enthusiasts. The Swindon roof top tent and the Cowley caravan can both be integrated easily with any of the three MINIs.




Groovy Victorinox Airstream Caravan


The Victorinox Special Edition Airstream trailer is a product of a new partnership between Victorinox Swiss Army and Airstream trailers. Production of the 19-foot trailer is limited to 125 units to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Victorinox Swiss Army. Each trailer embodies the shared qualities of the two iconic brands: precision, functionality, reliability and a classically elegant design. Like the legendary Swiss Army Knife, the details of the trailer are precise, clean and sure to last a lifetime. The solid surface countertops, cutting-edge cabinets and hardware and the luxurious custom bedding ensemble with embroidered wool blanket are all housed within the iconic Airstream aluminum shell. And to ensure consumers are fully equipped, a collection of Victorinox Swiss Army timepieces, kitchen cutlery, Swiss Army Knives and accessories are included to enhance any camping adventure.








Illuminated Flip Flop Sandal


Teva is an authentic icon in the outdoor industry. Founded in the early 1980’s by a Colorado River guide, Teva pioneered the sport-sandal category. For more than 20 years on rivers, in canyons, and across the trails of the great outdoors, athletes and enthusiasts have traveled the globe comfortably and confidently in Teva footwear. Providing positive contributions to the world in which we play is at the core of everything Teva stands for. The Teva name itself is a Hebrew word meaning “nature” and the hand logo is the Hopisymbol for “friendship” and “water.” Teva supports the outdoor athletic lifestyle and remains committed to innovation in outdoor performance footwear, the platforms which carry enthusiasts beyond the offices of the day-to-day and onto the rivers, trails, and canyons of the next adventure.

 Teva Men’s Illum 2 Flip Flop Sandals

Illum 2 was born from all of the stubbed toes, rolled ankles and black toenails suffered by the Teva Team over the years. Whether they came during dawn patrol hikes to the surf or late night groover trips around the riverbanks, they hurt – a lot. But all of that becomes a distant memory with illŪm’s Glow From Below. The illūm 2 was built from the ground up to be the most comfortable flip flop on the market, bar none. The topsole features a newly engineered, incredibly comfortable foam material, and is molded to follow the contour of the foot. Comfort also extends to the strap, which is lined with super soft, water friendly Trek Dry™ microfiber and backed with a closed cell foam package. At the forefoot, illūm is equipped with the waterproof, detachable LED Pedlamp. The Pedlamp is engineered to angle light directly where the wearer is walking, fully Illuminating your path. When not in use, the Pedlamp can be removed and attached to a keychain (which of course is included) enabling you to keep The Glow From Below™ close at hand – or foot. T.I.D.E. GRIP Our Spider365 Rubber sole will hold its grip in all kinds of environments T.I.D.E. HYDRO Our waterproof Pedlamp™ will help you watch your step. Literally. T.I.D.E. COMFORT The illūm’s integrated light is inconspicuous when off, and bright enough to light your way when on Replaceable batteries mean your sandals’ usefulness doesn’t die with the battery A super soft topsole conforms to your feet but won’t break down quickly Trek Dry™ microfiber lining on the straps is soft and comfortable A contoured topsole gives you arch support that most flip flops lack Synthetic upper

Pop Up Library In A Phone Booth!

On the streets of New York, Architect John Locke has repurposed phone booths into communal libraries or book drops,

installing bookshelves within the structures filled with books for residents to take, borrow, or exchange.
the phonebooth shown here, ‘DUB 002‘, is part of his ‘Department of Urban Betterment’ interventionist project.

Adopting the same concept as James Econs’s ‘phoneboox‘ in the UK, Locke’s project consists of a machine-cut
and assembled plywood shelf, designed with indents to hang securely to the interior of the phone booth
without the need for any additional fasteners. The pay phone and all signage remains completely viewable
and operable, nestled within the frame of the bookshelf. Installed in Manhattan Valley and Morningside Heights,
the design is easily replicable in phonebooths throughout the city.


Solar And Wind-Powered Pendant Lamp

Ikea‘s new Solvinden lamp translates from Swedish as “Sun Wind,” as those are the two elements that power it. The cordless LED lamp is charged by a combination of the lampshade, which rotates in a breeze, and the sun’s rays hitting the solar panel on the top. The solar panel contains a sensor that swiches the lights on when it’s dark outside. Retail price $29.99.