Interpret Durban 2012

Call for artists form

Mooki will be giving away loads of meal vouchers as prizes!  See you there!


Clever Folding Bike Helmet

Cyclists looking for a more compact helmet to carry around when not riding their bikes might be interested in the folding bike helmet called Overade, which was designed by French studio Agency 360 back in 2010.  This year the Overade folding bike helmet is looking to make the jump from concept into production and will be available for purchase later on in the year.

A Howdy From Mr Roboto

The 13th of November heralded the four month mark for Mooki and we are totally stoked about it. In fact it’s so awesome that Tim Burton is making a movie about it. I can’t verify this, but it’s rumoured that they’re digitally recreating River Phoenix to play the role of me and Justin Bieber and Mylie Cyrus are doing a duet for the theme song (which is being adapted from one of the “lost recordings” of 2PAC) which is aptly named “That’s a frikken big meal for thirty five bucks” and has a chorus recorded by Michael Jackson when he was 15 years old.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to launch our Summer Menu. I am beginning to think that I may have jumped the gun there a bit………..

I don’t profess to know a heck of a lot about weather patterns or Climate Change (or even pocket change for that matter), but I know the beginning of an ice age when I see one! Far be it from me to create a panic or be an alarmist, but between you and me, I’m stocking up on Ugs and mittens. I’m also thinking of diversifying into floatation devices and snorkels. Don’t go out rounding up your neighbours’ pets and pairing them off just because we’re hinting at impending doom and the end of the world as we know it. Not yet. We’ll let you know when to start, honestly.

As ill timed as it may have been, the new menu is proving to be a great success, though. It’s substantially bigger and has more variety than the Jolie/Pitt household. We’ve included all the crowd pleasers from the specials boards over the first three months and the response has been extremely positive. There’s also a bunch of new specials on the board (which change weekly) so check out our specials page if you haven’t already. Another exciting development is that we are including the option of Brown rice with any of the fried rice dishes. This is not only tasty, but makes you poop more healthily (or so I am told) and also makes you an all-round happier person.

In other news, we are finally getting some T shirts and button badges done for you to buy for your nearest and dearest or just for yourself. We firmly believe that you’re worth it.  As soon as we have finalised exactly what we have on offer, you Chinas will be the first to know. Right after us. Also, we have officially had 20 000 visitors to the blog in 4 months. We are now almost as popular as that guy who won Idols SA last year. You know who we mean….that guy…….so keep visiting the blog and we promise to keep adding cool, and weird stuff.