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Tokyo Arcade 2012



Tokyo-Go-Go presents a pop-up exhibition featuring a collection of his video game inspired art, stickers and toys. Ultimately… a bunch a bright, fun character driven work. The concept behind Tokyo Arcade 2012 is to round off the year with a bang and offer, for a short period of time, a multitude of ready-to-hang artwork at affordable prices that would add an element of fun to any space, or perhaps make for a pretty awesome, unique gift. The show is only up for 5 days and collection will take place thereafter.

Venue – Mooki Noodle Bar
190 Brand Road Glenwood Durban

Opens – 18h00 – 22h00

Cash Bar and Dining


Interpret Durban 2012

Call for artists form

Mooki will be giving away loads of meal vouchers as prizes!  See you there!

Mashups Of Classic Portraits

Artist Dorothee Golz mashes up the faces on classic portraits with modern bodies and scenes: a despondent looking Madonna hangs out with punks on the street and Vermeer’s Girl with the Pearl Earring walks through a modern kitchen…Via

Filthy Luker Street Art


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