5 Great Places To Stay On Holiday

Propeller Island City Lodge

An Extraordinary Hotel with Designer rooms – flying beds and upside down rooms – of amazing creativity in Berlin.

This is an extraordinary location. All rooms and objects were created by the German artist Lars Stroschen. Much more appropriate than “hotel” is the designation “living in a work of art”. 30 rooms with an absolutely unique and personal ambience. “Unique” is meant literally, for the entirety of all furnishings and other objects you will discover here are custom-made, individual handiwork. None can be found anywhere else on this planet – one could consider the CITY LODGE to be a MUSEUM with guest accommodations or a stay-in work of SCULPTURE. The rooms are designed and constructed without compromise (!), varying from the tame to the extreme, and provide the opportunity  to more or less alter your perspective of reality – according to your taste and sense of adventure. If you have managed to make the right choices, you will experience an unforgettable stay at our place!

“The Propeller Island City Lodge is a piece of art that was planned to be used as a hotel. However some of the materials are a lot more sensitive than usual: the plexiglass is easily scratched, as are the dark and intense wall-colours when you slide your bags upon them – only to take only two examples. That is the nature of these materials and you cannot change it – except if you want a boring hotel. As a guest of the Propeller Island City Lodge we ask you keep this difference in mind and to move with some care within the artwork.

La Balade des Gnomes

Amazing fairytale rooms and a Trojan Horse suite

These 10 extraordinarily-decorated and furnished bedrooms, evoke ideas from the four corners of the world, re-interpreted as fairy tales.  Hidden in an unassuming farmhouse up a pleasant – but not particularly noteworthy – country lane, this amazing property was designed and built by architect and visionary hotelier Mr Noël. Originally opening an innovative restaurant, La Gargouille (the Gargoyle), specialising in delicious dishes using local ingredients and bio-organic produce, he has taken inspiration from fairytales to construct these amazing bedrooms, next door to the restaurant. Defying normal classification, these rooms highlight incredible imagination, attention to detail and sheer audacity to delight guests.

Pullman carriages converted to luxury suites to capture the romance of a bygone age

Luxury train journeys were once defined by Pullman train services such as the Orient Express, The Golden Arrow and Bournemouth Belle, and some of their Pullman carriages have been lovingly restored here. There are 4 Pullman carriages providing 8 suites. Many elements have been improved, like fully equipped bathrooms, while others are simply retained, such as the splendor of the decorations. In addition, the Old Station House, built in 1892 for the Prince of Wales – later Edward VII – has been sympathetically restored, providing 2 additional en-suite bedrooms.
Vista Caballo Innovation Ranch is a 160-acre self-directed personal & leadership development learning center for those who truly want to advance. Created as a modern day rite of passage, just north of a little town named Dove Creek, Vista Caballo can be found amongst the undiscovered, red lands of South Western Colorado.
A small authentic homestead surrounded by 160 private acres of rich land. Much noted for its proximity to the ‘Baby Grand Canyon’ – otherwise known as the Dolores River Canyon, Vista Caballo offers a spectacular sanctuary far away from the sensory overloads of today’s hectic lives.Experience and discover this executive hidden hideaway. Offering custom designed retreats, they specialise in effective SBO (Search Brain Optimization). Others might say you’ll leave revitalized, with a clear head rejuvenated priorities.
Every single experience is completely unrivaled. Starting at it’s inception, everything about Vista Caballo has been intentionally created for it’s guests. From the remote location in the heart of the Anasazi tribal lands, to the barrenness of technology, to each private cabin that was carefully crafted to enhance and support the unique experience that awaits.

The main house is the heartbeat of this sanctuary, where all meals are shared family style. You have the perfect blend of privacy and connection supported and surrounded by the unity, quiet and the intelligence of nature. There is a place where time does stop and you can fully experience the moment.

Airstream luxury on the Isle of Wight
Starting with a single Airstream caravan bought on eBay in 2004 as a weekend escape from London, Helen Cunningham saw the opportunity to offer these icons of travelling hospitality to others. Located on a working farm, the first of these 60s and 70s works of aluminium art were brought to the Isle of Wight from Missouri and enhanced with a treasure trove of furnishings and period decor from Helen’s stylist background. From melamine plates to retro print fabrics, Helen and partner Frazer have shared a stockpile of period artefacts to make the Vintage Vacation experience a hazy trip down memory lane – full of a sense of period fun.

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