Friday Night Prawn Special At Mooki

Thanks for the awesome support guys, last month was fantastic and we love seeing all our regulars so often.  A bit of news for the Easter break (for those of you not going to Splashy) is that we will be open this Friday and Saturday, but closed on Monday (and obviously we are closed on Sunday as usual). It will be business as usual on Tuesday.
On FRIDAY NIGHT we are going to be running a PRAWN SPECIAL @ Mooki, so if you like your Prawns, then I would strongly suggest that you book. We are going to be offering HALF A KILO OF PRAWNS (Large Tigers) Pan Fried in either a Sweet Garlic Yakitori sauce or with a Spicy Thai Panang Curry Sauce with Taiwanese Fried Rice or Japanese Style Stir Fried Noodles. Both options will be served with Wasabi Garlic Butter. All this for only R 65.00, so you seriously need to book in advance.
This special is a trial run, and if it goes well, we will be running it on every Monday Night in the future.
You have all responded very well to our new delivery service, so thank you for that. Please note that we are delivering in the Glenwood area until 19:00 every day, and will gladly go outside of our catchment area for orders over R 200.00. Thanks to the guys at Mr. Price head office for their fantastic support.
Check out our specials on the blog

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