Awesome Mooki Specials


COIN POUCHES (three in a portion)

Pork Fillet marinated in a totally awesome mixture of Honey, Rice Wine Vinegar, Oyster Sauce, Garlic, Ginger, Coriander and Spring Onion; ground into  Mince in an old-school hand grinder, twisted into Spring Roll-wrapper pouches and deep fried. We’re serving this with a Fresh Herb side salad and Sweet Chilli dippy sauce. R 35.00

TEMPURA PRAWNS (four of these bad boys)

Four Prawns Fried in a Crispy Japanese Beer Batter till Golden Brown and served on Chinese Prawn Crackers with Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce and Home Made Wasabi Mayonnaise. This is just plain yummy even if it does have an identity crisis.    R 40.00

CUMIN CHICKEN PARCELS (Spicy and Fragrant, 2 in a portion)

So this is a take on Spring Rolls, but with an Indian influence. The filling consists of Chicken, Onion, Leeks, Cumin, Jeera and our own special spice blend. Here’s the kicker, though…..instead of using Spring Roll pastry, we used black magic to coerce Popadoms to do the same job.  These are deep fried and served with a herb side salad and a Sweet Chilli Yoghurt dipping sauce.  R 20.00


We all knew this was inevitable.  Cripsy Pastry plus Prawns = YUMMY, and we are all about Yummy here( I checked this equation with a Maths Professor).   These come with a Sweet Chilli Dippy Sauce. R 25.00                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


A classic combination with the usual Mooki twist. The Salad part is our usual Lettuce and Herb mix with Roasted  Seeds  and other tasty stuff. The Chicken is dipped in a Spicy Peanut and Spring Onion Batter and Pan Fried till Golden. The Prawns are Grilled with a little Salt and Pepper and the whole Shebang is served with a Chilli Peanut Dressing.  R 45.00



Typical Japanese Street Food. A sauce made with Light Soy, Sake (Rice Wine), Home Made stock, Palm Sugar, Cabbage and Carrots. A mild flavoured dish that warms your belly, with just enough sweetness and absolutely no heat. Choose your protein and your noodle. R 50.00


Home-Made Sweet and Sour Sauce with Onion, Carrot and Pineapple; available with Veggies, Chicken, Pork or Prawns (15 bucks more for Prawns) and either Egg Fried Rice (Brown or white) or Egg Fried Noodles (Ramen). The Protein or Veg is battered and Fried and we are characteristically generous with the sauce. R 50.00


Don’t ask for this one mild, coz we won’t do it!! Spicy is the only way this dish comes. A rich sauce with lots of Chilli, Dark Soy Sauce, Oyster Sauce (vegetarian), Cashews, Peanuts and Home Made Stock with a healthy amount of Palm Sugar to sweeten things up. Available only as a Fried Rice option and not for the limp wristed or sensitive types. Once again you can choose your Protein or have it Vegetarian. R 50.00


Once again our dear Friend Garret has delivered the goods. We’ve got some Uber Fresh Couta which we are offering two ways. Either lightly dusted with Flour and Fish Spice and Pan Fried or Dipped in a Beer Batter and Deep Fried until we can’t take it any more. Both ways are served on a bed of warm Ho Fun Noodle Salad with our Home Made Wasabi Mayo. R 70.00

Please note that we do reserve the right to change prices, and specials also do depend on availability


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2 responses to “Awesome Mooki Specials”

  1. Carol Reynolds says :

    Had a WONDERFUL dinner at Mooki last night. Peanut Chilli Fried Rice – superb.

    • Mr Miyagi says :

      Hi Carol, we are really glad you enjoyed dinner last night, thanks for the compliments we feel humbled! Hope to see you soon.

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