Sleep Is An Experience

Social conventions are defined by time and success. Every day, we are pressured to complete many different tasks. This daily rhythm ignores our need to sleep, and yet it is sleep that makes this rhythm possible. We need to pay closer attention to sleep.  By filling the alarm clock with water, we focus our attention on the duration of sleep. The task itself becomes a ritual which positively influences our rest. As opposed to the incessant ticking sound of a regular clock, here time passes silently and purely mechanically. As the drops of water fall, the glass bowl becomes lighter and finally lets the hammer fall. As the tone bounces between the singing bowls, we are gently awakened and a new day begins.

Time is something hard to grasp, but sleep is an experience.

Vera Wiedermann‘s ‘Dreamtime alarm clock’ is a beautiful and simplistic device that offers an alternative way to be woken up. Instead of a loud and annoying beeping, the copper mobile that hangs down from the ceiling lets a hammer fall and strike it when it is time for you to get out of bed.  The alarm clock is powered by water, which slowly drips from one container into the bowl beneath it as the hours pass by. Once it is empty and the bowl is full, the hammer is released to make a loud but tuneful sound.


Vera Wiedermann is a designer based in Vienna, Austria, who develops functional products from table ware to food and eating design concepts


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2 responses to “Sleep Is An Experience”

  1. Ergomotion Inc says :

    Wow this is great. We write a blog that is catered to sleep and related news and are we are always looking for interesting and innovative products to blog about. Take a look at some of the products that we have reviewed and let us know what you think. Thanks a lot and happy blogging.

  2. Mr Miyagi says :

    Cool thanks for the appreciation. We are always looking for inspiration so we will definitely have a look at your blog.

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