Very Unique High Heel Shoes

Kobi Levi from Israel deigns unique high-heeled shoes disguised as birds, animals, inflatable sex toys etc.  He calls it foot wear art.  This is just a few of his designs, take a look at his blog for more.

Kobi graduated from Bezalel academy of art & design, Jerusalem 2001. He specializes in footwear design and development. Working as a freelance designer. Collaborating with both Israeli and international companies, currently working on his women shoe line in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Designed commercial footwear in both Italy, China and Brazil. Presented design in various exhibitions in Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Tokyo, Verona, St.Etienne, Berlin etc’… ” In my artistic footwear design the shoe is my canvas. The trigger to create a new piece comes when an idea, a concept and/or an image comes to mind. The combination of the image and footwear creates a new hybrid and the design/concept comes to life. The piece is a wearable sculpture. It is “alive” with/out the foot/body. Most of the inspirations are out of the “shoe-world”, and give the footwear an extreme transformation. The result is usually humoristic with a unique point of view about footwear. Another aspect of the creation is the realization. All the pieces are hand-made in my studio. The challenging technical development is the key to bring the design to life in the best way.”


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7 responses to “Very Unique High Heel Shoes”

  1. lacedinleather says :

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    LOVE LOVE this post

  2. thevintagestylequeen says :

    I love these they’re so original!

  3. thevintagestylequeen says :

    Reblogged this on The Vintage Style Queen and commented:
    I love them they’re so unique

  4. Anna says :

    nice post, but the most ugly shoes i ve ever seen- makes me sick!

    • Mr Miyagi says :

      Ha Ha Ha – Well personally I wouldn’t be wearing any of them! They are amazing from a stylistic perspective don’t you think?

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