Skog Lamps By Caroline Olsson

Skog is made in collaboration with Magnor Glassverk. The Skog series consists of several lights in different sizes, shapes and colours, which can be used in combination with each other or as stand alone pieces. They are all made in mouth blown crystal with a base in oak made by using the technique of wood turning. The design is inspired by the large forests surrounding Magnor Glassverk, in Norway. Skog is the Norwegian word for forest. Simply place a few of the lights together on the floor or on a table in order to create your own little forest. Skog is Caroline’s final exam at the bachelor’s program at Akershus University College.

Caroline Olsson was born in Eidskog, Norway. She is currently living in Bjølsen, Oslo, Norway.  She graduated as a Teacher of Arts and Crafts at Oslo University College. Due to her strong interest in designing and creating in the workshop she decided to embark on a degree in Product Design at Akershus University College in 2008 where she is currently completing her Master degree.  Caroline’s main focus is the functionality of the furniture she designs, which is prominent in her products. She enjoys experimenting with a variety of materials, though she is especially fond of using Norwegian wood in her work.

Take a look at her website for more inspiring Norwegian design.

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