Pirate Ship Bed Room

Six years ago, Steve Kuhl took on a quirky project. The client was his older brother, who was building a house in Medina, USA and wanted “something fun” for his two young children.  Kuhl delivered: a climbing wall, a “super luge” (a 55-foot spiral slide into the sport court), a secret door hidden behind a suit of armor, and a pirate-themed bedroom for his nephew, then age 6.  Kuhl pulled out all the stops in the bedroom, which included a ship’s hull jutting out of the wall, a crow’s nest, a rope bridge, a jail cell (“for evil-doers,” Kuhl said) and an under-the-sea paint job.  “It was fun,” said Kuhl, whose company, Kuhl Design Build, typically works on kitchens, bathrooms and additions. “I like to work outside the box.”



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4 responses to “Pirate Ship Bed Room”

  1. 50 States Design Project says :

    SWeeeeet. I’m 27 years old, and even I want this for my room.

    • Mr Miyagi says :

      Hard to believe that this was designed 6 years ago! He must have made one boy very happy!

  2. intomind says :

    woah that is the coolest thing ever!

    • Mr Miyagi says :

      yeah its really great, would be great to see what else he could design given the opportunity!

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