World’s First Pee-Controlled Video Game

The Exhibit has taken it upon itself to install in its men’s bathroom a number of pee-controlled video games; games with carefully thought up names such as Clever Dick and On The Piste. The system is thought to be the first of its kind in the world, and besides making a trip to the bathroom more entertaining, it will also be an opportunity for advertisers to promote their products. At the end of the game, players are encouraged to post their scores via mobile to Twitter and to a live leader board so they can compete with their friends.


About Mr Miyagi

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2 responses to “World’s First Pee-Controlled Video Game”

  1. spicep says :

    Although I do find the gaming aspect of this…odd I do like the thought of electronic objects placed in random high traffic areas for advertising purposes. As I see it I do the most thinking in the bathroom so if I see an advertisement that I like while I am in the bathroom I would probably be more inclined to remember it. But then again that is just my brain talking

    • Mr Miyagi says :

      Yes the whole concept of playing a peeing video game is bizarre! Thats why we put it up, it certainly is brave of them, and actually quite fun really. We agree that in the future we will see more such electronic gadget tip concepts come to fruition in a more “normal” setting such as malls etc Will probably be driven by the Ad industry.

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