Mooki Specials

DIM SUM (Little snacky things)

COIN POUCHES (three in a portion)

Pork Fillet marinated in a totally awesome mixture of Honey, Rice Wine Vinegar, Oyster Sauce, Garlic, Ginger, Corriander and Spring Onion; ground into  Mince in an old-school hand grinder, twisted into Spring Roll-wrapper pouches and deep fried. We’re serving this with a Fresh Herb side salad and Sweet Chilli dippy sauce. R 35.00

CHICKEN DUMPLINGS (three in a portion)

These are Asian Style Pastry pockets, not Western Style Batter Balls, so let’s just get that out of the way up front.

Chicken Breast marinated in Mint, Garlic, Ginger, a tiny amount of Chilli and Fish Sauce; Minced (see above) and placed between two round-cut Wonton Pastry sheets in a sort of Ravioli style. These are Grilled lightly on one side (Gyoza style) and then poached in a Home Made Chicken Broth with Julienne Carrots, Peanut oil, Lime Juice and Cucumber Ribbons. R 35.00


Kickass Hot and Sour Soup with a good dose of heat from Red Chilli and a face puckering Sour note delivered care of some Rice Wine Vinegar. Throw in three of the aforementioned Deep Fried Coin Pouches swimming in the  Chicken Based Broth and you’ve got an epic soup. R 40.00


Home-Made Sweet and Sour Sauce with Onion, Carrot and Pineapple; available with Veggies, Chicken, Pork or Prawns (15 bucks more) and either Egg Fried Rice (Brown or white) or Egg Fried Noodles (Ramen). The Protein or Veg is battered and Fried and we are characteristically generous with the sauce. R 50.00


Don’t ask for this one mild, coz we won’t do it!! Spicy is the only way this dish comes. A rich sauce with lots of Chilli, Dark Soy Sauce, Oyster Sauce (vegetarian), Cashews, Peanuts and Home Made Stock with a healthy amount of Palm Sugar to sweeten things up. Available only as a Fried Rice option and not for the limp wristed or sensitive types. Once again you can choose your Protein or have it Vegetarian. R 50.00


We  got some really nice Dorado in today. I know, I know…EVERYONE offers Dorado and we do try to get you more exotic species, but  with the weather being so crappy lately we went for the freshest line Fish we could find on the SASSI GREEN LIST.

You can have your fish done one of two ways; either rubbed with a yoghurt and Tom Yum Paste marinade, dipped into a Tempura (Crispy Beer –we’re using Tsing Tao from China)and Deep fried OR dusted with flour and a Fish Spice blend and grilled. Both ways are served with a warm Rice Noodle salad and Home Made Wasabi Mayo. R 65.00

Please note that due to the potentially high risk of  the Eurozone imploding (Greedy Western bankers) we do deserve the right to change specials so we can survive in the aftermath, no really besides all of that complicated financial stuff we battle to understand, we do deserve the right to change or limit specials before Italy goes belly up.


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