Absolutely Awesome Sifteo Cubes

Sifteo cubes connect wirelessly to a nearby computer via a compact USB radio link, and can hold up to 4 hours of play on a single charge.  Each Sifteo cube packs a clickable, full color LCD display, a variety of motion sensors and a rechargeable battery into a sturdy 1.5 inch block – perfect for hands of all ages to grab and play with.  Sifteo’s Intelligent Play™ Platform is a fresh, tactile take on interactive play. Use your hands to move, shake, flip, rotate and neighbor your Sifteo cubes.  Sifteo cubes have all kinds of puzzles and games to exercise your spatial reasoning, word-finding, pattern-matching and other awesome cranial powers.  Currently available only in the USA and Canada at $149 for 3 cubes.  Great Christmas present.



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3 responses to “Absolutely Awesome Sifteo Cubes”

  1. spicep says :

    Those are really cool. I may have to get some

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