Tiny Art Inside Tiny Things

An empty iPod shuffle case is used to make a diorama of the Four Horsemen.

An old Vaseline lid is a home for Hermes

A diorama in an old Hersheys Cocoa Tin.

Jim Doran says that the things he makes reflects his fascination with the sea, the macabre, the divine and the metaphysical. He makes dioramas, paper cut-outs and tiny pen & ink drawings. He extrudes his drawings in an attempt to give them life in our three dimensional world. He puts his ideas inside of other objects. All this from someone who is self taught. Great Stuff!


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About Mr Miyagi

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3 responses to “Tiny Art Inside Tiny Things”

  1. RiverUnderWater says :

    Thanks for sharing 🙂 I love tiny art!

  2. Mr Miyagi says :

    Hey its a pleasure, anytime!

  3. =^.^= (@noodlesndoodles) says :

    SO awesome! And inspiring, feel like creating something now 🙂

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