Gotta Have A Mute Watch

Use your gadget skills to navigate this watch; you simply tap, touch, pinch and swipe to access the functions. A vibrating alarm alerts the wearer to the time, and can be adjusted by swiping and tapping; see the video below for a quick demo. Recharge the battery via USP port (runs up to two weeks before charge is needed) and hand wash to clean the rubbery surface

The basic concept of Mutewatch is, as its name suggests, an alarm to indicate to the user in a completely silent way with vibration whats happening.  The result is more adaptable depending on the activity of the wearer. Indeed, the motion detector triggers the vibration intensity.Thus, when the movements are low (as is theoretically the case during sleep) the vibrations are at their maximum amplitude for revival efficient. Conversely, in a context where the movements are more numerous (on the road for example) the vibrations of the alarm will be less pronounced, the user is awake. The concept has also been pushed a little forward for the time display. Again, the watch is silent until you have tapped the surface to trigger an effective backlight that displays the time in the band. The functions of the watch are certainly basic: Time / Alarm / Countdown, but the execution is very intuitive and in the vein of tactile objects. Such as to disable the alarm, simply make a “pinch” on the screen and you’re done, iPad like. Mutewatch is rechargeable via a USB port. Charging takes about 2 hours.  It can be bought online and costs € 199 excluding postage.


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