Mouth Watering Delights!

Pickhandle Barracuda Special!
  • Starters:
  • Vietnamese Rice Balls: Chicken, Prawn, Spring Onion and Corriander Rice Balls served with a Sweet Mirin and Fish Sauce Dippy Sauce with a Herb Side Salad        R 35.00
  • Pork Wontons: Pork Fillet, Honey, Basil and Chilli Wonton parcels with a light Hoisin Dipping Sauce and a Herb Side Salad R 35.00
  • Mains:
  • “Fish and Chips”: Our Asian inspired take on a classic in honour of Kenko’s foray. Mackerel fillets brushed with Tom Yum Paste, fried in a crispy Tempura Batter with Sweet potato Chips and Honey-Soy Glazed Green Beans and Snap peas R 55.00
  • Massaman Curry: A Mild Tamarind, Peanut and Coconut Milk Based Chicken Curry served with Steamed Jasmine Rice R 55.00
  • Thai Fried Rice: Jasmine Rice Fried with Julienne veg, Oyster Mushroom, Toasted Seed mix, Corriander, Chilli, Basil and Fish sauce topped with Roast Peanuts. R 40.00 for vegetarian option, R 45.00 for Chicken or Pork options.
  • Dessert: Ice Cream with a Sweet Plum and Ginger Roasted Pumpkin Seeds R 25.00

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