Howzit Chinas

Howzit Chinas,
It is with great sadness that I am announcing that we are going to say good bye to Kenko. That’s right, our faithful waitress has been lured to distant shores by recent events on the news depicting late night affirmative shopping in Sunny England. The prospect of all-you-can-grab electronics and consumer goods has got her chomping at the bit to be a part of the new face of today’s youth subculture. Who can blame her? She has a penchant for hoodies anyway and is a speed texter, so it was inevitable that she would take her talents to the next level. We support her decision and wish her well; we at Mooki will not stand in the way of our staff trying to better themselves and carve a new and exciting future for themselves.  Also, we never really liked her much anyway. Just Kidding. But seriously, she is a bit creepy. Love you Kenko.
Actually she’s only going for three weeks, so don’t worry. I probably shouldn’t have said that stuff about her being creepy, then…………
Anyhoo, we are looking for a new team member to fill in for three weeks and then go on to a brilliant carreer as a part-timer. If you are an aspiring Kenko-type-person or know a Kenko-type-person, then drop us a mail with a brief description of your special talents and your latest Mug Shot (Black and White or Colour, we don’t discriminate here) and rap sheet. You can even apply if you have absolutely no criminal past.
We have been working on the menu over the last two weeks and have a good few new specials you can check out in our “Specials” section, so go have a squizz and get your salivate on. Most notably at the moment is our Linefish which is “Pickhandle Barracuda” which is on absolutely no lists anywhere. It doesn’t even have a facebook page. It’s so “Green” it’s virtually a Leprechaun. Seriously it is Uber Fresh and is going to sell out FAST, so get your Ass down here pronto. We will be extending our menu slightly in the near future to include some of the specials we have been running, so we will keep you posted on that front.
Anne Stevens’ photographer was here last Friday to take some pics as she will apparently be coming in to crit us sometime soon. So for those of you who were inconvenienced by him hanging around trying to get some photos, please accept my humbest appologies. I am not convinced that I want to be reviewed by her to be completely honest, it is the opinion of you (our loyal and beloved friends) that matters to us, not a food critic who will in all probability never eat here again anyway.
My old waitering buddy, Juddy is soon to be a Pappy!! Congratulations Judd and Jeanie!! You can follow Judd’s letters to Jag (potential name for the future little one) on his Blog. Good on you guys, we’re very glad for you.
Shot Chinas, love you long time.
Dōmo arigatō,
Mr Roboto.

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