Mr Roboto’s Fish ‘n Chips

We have done an Asian inspired Fish and Chips with a twist. Mackerel Fillets deep fried in a crispy Tempura batter, served with Sweet Potato Chips and Honey, soy and Sesame glazed Snap Peas with a dollop of Home Made Lime and Wasabi Mayonnaise.


For starter we have Vietnamese Rice Balls made from Chicken Breast, Prawn meat, loads of fresh spring onion and corriander, a hint of Garlic and Fish sauce and sweet Jasmine rice. Served with a light and tangy dipping sauce and a mixed herb side salad

Wonton wrappers filled with Ground Pork Fillet, Basil, Corriander, Garlic, Ginger and  a hint of chilli, served with a Hoisin dippy sauce (basically a rich, dark Plum sauce) and a mixed herb side salad

Massaman Curry

A rich and spicy Coconut Milk, Peanut and Tamarind based Chicken Curry with a sweet and spicy flavour served with Jasmine rice. This is not a super spicy curry, but has heaps of flavour

Line Fish of the Day

We’ve got some awesome Yellowtail at the moment. We’re doing this grilled on a bed of warm Noodle Salad ( Hand Made Egg Ribbon Noodles)tossed with fresh Herbs , Tomato and Cucumber and topped off with our Home Made Wasabi Mayonnaise.

And if thats not enough to whet your appetite we are also, due to popular demand, still running our Choc-A-Goji Dessert with the Frozen Goji Berry and Lemon Yoghurt served with a Chilli-Chocolate-Sake Shot

The Chilli-Chocolate-Sake shots are also available on thier own

So pop in tonight, or tomorrow for lunch, or if you want to sit in front of the telly come and grab a take out.


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One response to “Mr Roboto’s Fish ‘n Chips”

  1. Até says :

    The video’s real funny.. lol 😛

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