Mooki Treats!!

Here are the yummy specials at Mooki:


Vietnamese Rice Balls made from Chicken Breast, Prawn meat, loads of fresh spring onion and corriander, a hint of Garlic and Fish sauce and sweet Jasmine rice. Served with a light and tangy dipping sauce and a mixed herb side salad. @ R 35.00

Wonton wrappers filled with Ground Pork Fillet, Basil, Corriander, Garlic, Ginger and  a hint of chilli, served with a Hoisin dippy sauce (basically a rich, dark Plum sauce) and a mixed herb side salad. @ R 35.00


Massaman Curry

A rich and spicy Coconut Milk, Peanut and Tamarind based Chicken Curry with a sweet and spicy flavour served with Jasmine rice. This is not a super spicy curry, but has heaps of flavour @ only R 55.00

Mr Roboto’s Fish and Chips

Basically we have done an Asian inspired Fish and Chips with a twist. Mackerel Fillets deep fried in a crispy Tempura batter, served with Sweet Potato Chips and Honey, soy and Sesame glazed Snap Peas with a dollop of Home Made Lime and Wasabi Mayonnaise. @ R 50.00

Line Fish of the Day

We’ve got some awesome Yellowtail at the moment. We’re doing this grilled on a bed of warm Noodle Salad ( Hand Made Egg Ribbon Noodles)tossed with fresh Herbs , Tomato and Cucumber and topped off with our Home Made Wasabi Mayonnaise. @ R 75.00

And if thats not enough to whet your appetite we are also, due to popular demand, still running our Choc-A-Goji Dessert with the Frozen Goji Berry and Lemon Yoghurt served with a Chilli-Chocolate-Sake Shot @ R 35.00

The Chilli-Chocolate-Sake shots are also available on thier own @ R 15.00 a pop.



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