Anime Inspired Desktop

Do you want to spice up your Mac, or PC’s desktop with some colourful wallpaper?  Here are 8 great Anime inspired desktop goodies.  If you are looking for more, a good place to head over to and start browsing is

Just click on the thumbnail for a bigger version of the image.




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3 responses to “Anime Inspired Desktop”

  1. Até says :

    These are some really nice wall papers. If I may ask, where did you get the third one in the left column? From Because I didn’t find it there.
    Also, I don’t think it is a wallpaper, but was made as a poster by the artist Yuumei ( for her flash comic. So, if you know whether it was used on a website without her permission as a downloadable wallpaper, please do let her know. Thanks 🙂

  2. Site Admin says :

    Hi I initially we went to When you sent the query we went to have a look and finally found the wallpaper/poster you are talking about at the following link (This site links back to – our mistake). On the Cool Vibes site it credits the work to someone called Wenqing Yan. (You seem to know your stuff so also have a look a this link and tell us if it is all phony?) When we searched for the poster using Google images it does show up “” as well as cool vibes – search term used “Between Today and Tomorrow”

    I will contact the artist and inform her. We do like to credit where credit is due.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention, it’s honestly appreciated.

    Mooki Team

    • Até says :

      Wenqing Yan is yuumei. But I haven’t any idea if that is her coolvibe account. If it is, I suppose that’s alright then. But just in case, you should ask her when you get in touch with her like you mentioned you would. You can contact her on deviantART at the address I mentioned earlier, or e-mail her at – the contact address she has provided on her dA account.

      You’re most welcome. And thanks so much for taking this up so promptly ^_^

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