Ballito Life And Style – Mooki Noodle Bar

It’s not often that you find a place to eat where the owners’ passion and almost childlike excitement for what they are doing, sets the scene. Well, at Mooki Noodle Bar, I did.

What an absolutely delicious evening it was!

Having bumped into Paul (co-owner with his wife Charisse) at Corner Café about 6 weeks ago and heard about their exciting new venture to be happening across the road, I was chomping at the bit for their doors to open.   I had hosted owners Paul and Charisse’s wedding, at Vanille, a few years ago and felt drawn to support their dream come true!

Being the closet restaurant stalker that I can be, I had driven past regularly to see if there were any signs of life inside and had even interrogated the poor guy, industriously sanding down the newly made tables, on the pavement.

My exact words to Paul had been, “Let me know when you open and I’ll pack the place out for the night.” And so I waited……..  On one of my inter-web sprawls I came across their blog and signed up instantly for the news-feeds….BTW the blog is great!!! Loads of really cool random Japanalia and other cool stuff!! Now that they are open, the blog is full of pictures of the food and updates of the goings on.   Then I received the mail advertising their opening on the 13th June, figured out how to fit a quick dinner into my already hectic schedule….  Cristy,  Esme and myself – super ready for another ‘Markewicz’ “foodie adventure”.

The simple finishes sung of street café, with an uber cool popcorn box chandelier shining brightly from the centre of the small space. As the self-proclaimed ‘noisy bunch’, we insisted on sitting outside which was great.  I felt as if I could easily be sitting on a street café in Tokyo.

Greeted by our waitress Yo-Yo we were quickly settling down to a glass of Vino and checking out the menu.  To start we ordered the Fish Cakes – deliciously moist fresh swordfish morsels coated in sesame seeds. We moved on to Chicken Spring-rolls – made fresh and full of flavour; and for Ezzie the Chicken bites – an enthusiastic recommendation from Charisse who described them as the Asian answer to KFC – served with plum sauce. I could have ordered a bucket to go.

Service was slick and we were never close to empty glasses or left looking for anything and having a 4year old in tow, they were fabulously child friendly and most accommodating, dishing out stickers aplenty and regularly offering to clean the table of sticky toddler residue.

Paul came round to read through the main courses with us explaining the different noodles and accompanying choices.  Cristy chose the Chicken Pad Thai with Ramen Noodles, I chose the Pork Fried Rice.  My Fried Rice was comfort food heaven…… Chinese five spice immediately soothed the soul and an almost “stodgy” rice hinted at Risotto.  Cristy’s Chicken Pad Thai was incredible! Fresh, light and full of flavour.   I was on the verge of thievery.

For dessert we had the only option. A banana tempura where fried bananas are sandwiched between deep fried wontons served with a ginger syrup and dusted with icing sugar.  Paul chatted to us about the imminent addition of a mint sorbet lollipop which sounded like the “cherry on top” of an already yummy meal. Best described as “Kung Fu Panda Awesomeness”

I am inspired by the addition of yet another unique and passionate addition to the Durban Food Scene and wish Paul and Charisse much success and happiness as they begin their own Foodie Adventure on this small strip of Glenwood’s Brand Road.  WE will be back with the troops as promised!!

Thanks to Lucy and Ballito Life & Style for the great review!

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