Good Triumphed Over Evil At The CCMA (The Corner Cafe)

 dear criminals and such,

in april we caught someone stealing, so they took us to the ccma???? i know….how the hell is this possible, well basically someone must have spun this poor thief a story like  ”oh dont worry little thief we can get truck loads of money”.

i arrived all angry and ready to take on the world and when i saw her i crack up a bit she was all dressed up and excited at the thought of taking home a wad of cash to her family, and the day went from great to shit for her and her husband, who hadnt heard the whole story yet and was there to support his “innocent” wife from the evil juddy poo.

i wont go into too much detail but my lawyer was like tom cruise in a few good men, he put the whole legal system on trial, he fought for good in a world of poo. in truth he was very scary and if im ever sitting opposite him in a court room ill just fold, ive known him for years but yesterday i saw a cold, calm, eary and down right scary side to my poker playing drinking buddy who used to waiter for me years ago…..i will think very carefully about who i fire in the next few years, you never know when they can pop up and save you tens of thousands of rands.

sorry we closed folks, but a point needed to made….the corner cafe will not tolerate theft, ever. i dont steal from them and they cant steal from me.

case closed.


(Courtesy of the Corner Cafe)


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