Wasabi is such an underrated ingredient, almost everyone uses or has tried it as a accompaniment in there sushi. That intense feeling that lasts only seconds as a burning sensation enters your nostrils and jabs at your brain bringing tears to your eyes, is why the wasabi plant brings such wonder and enjoyment.

Many great recipe’s use wasabi in all of it’s glory. What many may not know is that what’s being distributed is in fact wasabi paste or powder, it’s mostly horseradish, Chinese mustard and green food coloring. Few people in Japan realize that most of the wasabi they consume is in fact an imitation. Real wasabi is known in Japan as hon-wasabi meaning original or true wasabi.

Because wasabi plants are peculiar in their needs, real wasabi is more expensive and considered a rare delicacy. Fresh roots can fetch up to $100 per kg in Japan. The leaves can be used in salads and have a subtle flavor that slowly builds in your mouth. Additionally they can be deep fried into crispy chips.Wasabi goes well with everything from butter on steak to a bloody mary, basically anywhere you can use horseradish, you can use wasabi.


Wasabi Plants




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