Oodles ‘n Oodles

Hey guys here is a really cool review and amazing pictures from Scrambled Notes

“What better way to celebrate pay day than with dinner at Mooki noodle bar. The place is big news with the Durbs blog-o-sphere going mad for their refreshing menu +  style. In fact it’s so popular that I ran into two super stars of the ND blog scene – the lovely Nicola of AskAshe & the button guru herself, Nadia from Cupcake Couture. Hello ladies!

Ok, now for the food stuff. For starters Gary & I  both had the fish cakes – seriously the best fish cakes we’ve had anywhere in ages. The sesame shell was crunchy and all-sorts-of-yum and the fish was delicious, especially when dipped in the salty and spicy teriyaki sauce. For mains we went veg (well we’re pescatarians, it rules out chicken and pork) and I had the  pad thai and mai fun noodles (they’re really thin and have a great nutty flavour) while Gary noshed the spicier ginger and red chilli sauce served on fat japanese udon noodles.

If i hadn’t eaten myself silly I would’ve tried the dessert – banana tempura with pickled ginger syrup – sounds seriously yum! Next time banana, next time. So yes, if you haven’t read it a million times by now, go to Mooki. Just go. Now.

PS – they do take away too, check out the menu here.

Hope to see you two back again – soon!

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