Frock Exchange This Coming Weekend


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5 responses to “Frock Exchange This Coming Weekend”

  1. Giselle says :

    i’m so there on sat (in fact, i live right next door to the venue) 🙂

    • Site Admin says :

      It’s a pleasure. Had a look at your blog. Interesting. Will link it to Mooki. Hope you will do the same? Have you been in for a bite to eat yet? If you haven’t we hope to see you there soon!


      Team Mooki

  2. molly says :

    Hey Mooki!
    Thanks so much for posting this! we really appreciate it ♥

    • Site Admin says :

      Had to! It’s a great idea! We also thought your blog was great so have placed a link to it on our Blog Roll. Hope you pop in for a bite to eat sometime. (It’s on the opposite side of the road to the Corner Cafe)

      Mooki Team.

  3. molly says :

    awesome! thanks guys and will most definitely be coming around for din soon!

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