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We may not give away free food but we LOVE giving away free music! (And this one is legal too!)

It’s been a decade plus and Anthony Gonzalez somehow didn’t already have a song called “Midnight City”. But now that it’s the lead single of his upcoming “very epic” 2xLP Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, something with that title was almost assured of being quintessential M83. And it hardly disappoints on that front: the sawtoothed synthesizers and endless ascension of Dead Cities, Red Cities and Lost Ghostsapplied to Saturdays=Youth‘s pop gooeyness, but blown up with the monolithic proportionality of Before The Dawn Heals Us (not to mention its album cover). Its concision and cocksure disco strut brings a certain novelty, but it’s above all else the fine-tuning of a master craftsman only challenged by himself: Not a day of his three-year absence went to waste, and yet nothing feels forced.

So, the question becomes: What does this have to do with the Smashing Pumpkins? Gonzalez dropped Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness as a touchstone for Hurry Up, and “Midnight City” just barely recalls even the more fitting electronic gothery ofAdore. But for a lot of listeners, the mere mention of Mellon Collie recalls a certain pre-Internet means of interacting with and even inhabiting a record. And it also brings to mind a common thread throughout M83’s discography– as with prior influences such as My Bloody Valentine, Vangelis, or the movies of John Hughes, “Midnight City” feels idealized and blockbuster-scale, risking embarrassment to give imagination and outsized emotion free reign. Parsing “Midnight City” for meaning is futile: It’s a hell of a song, but every bit a transmission from a fantasy world that has so much more to offer when the real one’s letting you down.

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